Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is A Garden Gnome With No Hat Still a Gnome?

Well, the garden gnome costume was a bit of a fail, but the night was still fun!

My little cutie patootie apparently has a bigger head than the gnomey hat would allow!  Crud.  (did I mention I bought the costume in 2T AND 3T and neither hat or foot booties fit?)

Mimi tried to get it on her too, but all of us failed.  Oh well.

aaaaaand she was off.....
Mimi was chasing after her, THANKS MIMI! 
Mimi carried the hat because I think people wondered what the heck baby k was???  

K decided she wasn't really into the trick or treating, so back to the swing set she went.

Oh wait, she decided she likes handing out the candy at the door!  She said HI (REALLY enthusiastically) to all of the trick or treaters but was a little intimidated by the older kiddos when they came to the door in groups.  

Note to self for next year:  make sure we try on the costume BEFORE the day of.....'cause the hat might not fit!
I hope you all had a fabulous halloween too!!


  1. My three hated trick or treating! They were terrified of all of the costumes, masks and face makeup. We made it to about 4 houses before they demanded to go back home. The girls hid on the couch all night but Maddux loved running to the door to see the trick-or-treaters...maybe he was okay with it as long as he was on his territory! K looked adorable!!!

  2. Is an elephant really an elephant without the big floppy ears and trunk? Hope so b/c my daughter REFUSED to put her costume hood on! She was very underwhelmed with the trick or treating and didn't really love all of the people in weird outfits coming to our door. She LOVED that tootsie roll pop though :) K was adorbs hat or not!

  3. Oh, that's too funny. She is so darn cute. Glad you had a fun Halloween!

  4. She sure looked adorable! How cute she is handing out the candy.

  5. She looked so cute! I had to laugh, our youngest could never wear the hats that came with things!!

  6. We had the same problem trying to find a smurfette costume for my niece (she's four). Actually, I ended up getting her an adult size smurf hat. They only had infant or adult size costumes available. My sister ended up going to a thrift store for the rest of my niece's costume. Turned out really good though.

    Glad your little one enjoyed some of the festivities.

  7. She is still the most precious gnome ever...even without a hat!! Looks like she had a wonderful Halloween!

  8. She's so precious! I bet this was a very special Halloween for you since she really got to participate. Olivia's whole costume revolved around her owl hat and she kept pulling it off.