Friday, November 18, 2011

Camille Blinn's Apartment Exposed In Boho Glory

How BEAUTIFUL is sweet Camille?
(let's pretend I'm not ancient and babysat her when she was little and now is married!  GAH!)
And of COURSE she lives in this GORGEOUS apartment with her sweet hubbo, and I wanted to share it with you!

Talented Camille took these pictures herself...
(insert my jealousy here)


How chic is she?

(AND her adorable hubbo too!)

Camille's style reminds me of the uber chic
Amber from Amber Interiors.  
They could get together and be chic, and I would just watch and take notes.  Man, I wish I was cooler sometimes!
Oh well, at least I can say I know them.
That makes me cool, right?
You can check out more of Camille's photography skillz


  1. She is lovely, and the apartment looks nice, but (not to be a downer) all those vignette shots really don't give an idea of what the apartment looks like. It would be more helpful to have room shots.

  2. She had me at hello with her logo and then the chic!!!

  3. I love all the bright colours in her space. Makes me want to paint a cabinet hot pink today!! THanks for the introduction.

  4. Love this apartment. I especially love that it is unique to her style. Such an important aspect of a home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Camille has a beautiful home and a great use of color! Love the hot pink armoire! Her wedding veil is gorgeous and what a darling couple they are. Happy weekend to you, Shelli!

  6. Your too kind!!!
    BTW: I totes think your cool!

  7. are really cool. Love her dining chairs.

  8. Love the photos of her place and all the STUFF she has out on display. I love seeing a place and getting the feeling that you are getting to know a person just by seeing how they decorate. Thanks for sharing.

  9. i don't think i could live with that much color or stuff in my place, but she definitely seems like a whole lot of fun based off these pictures! any pictures of the bedroom?!