Monday, October 3, 2011

Sherry Hart From Design Indulgence Is Talkin' Trash!

Thanks to Shelli for having me at a' la mode today.   I discovered Shelli's blog when I started seeing pictures of her amazing office floating around blogland....and I love visiting her side of town because she changes things about as often as I do :)  shelli belli bo belli.

Today I want to talk trash.....yeah you heard me.  I have two things to show you that were virtually  free.  Isn't it wonderful when things just fall into your lap????

OK....I did have to do a little work for the first one.  Everyone was doing these mirrors when I started blogging about a year and a half ago.  It took me this long to get on the bandwagon.  I'm slow like that.

First I had an old mirror that somebody gave me.  I painted it white.  Then put it away.  Cause it took me a pretty long time to collect the sticks.  Where did I get them you ask.....on the trail where I walk my dogs every day.
 I would pick them up and carry as many home as I could.  I mean...yes I could have just gone down there and picked them up all in one day but this just suited my style.  Little by little.....

When I had a "gob" I put them in a plastic tub and poured a gallon of bleach in it and filled it with water.  Let it site for about 3 days...cause I forgot about it.

OK...finally rinsed them off and let them dry out in the sun.  Stay with me now....then I took some spray paint...all I had was primer so I used that and lightly sprayed them.

I did not want it solid white.

As you can see some parts don't have any paint on them.

Taped the mirror and got out the trusty glue gun.  Expect to be burned.
I just kept layering them on.  It literally  took me one night while I was watching TV.

And here she be.......
It was like a project for kids...for real.

Of course you know I am all about the coastal look.....

Now for this next project...all I needed was black spray paint because I just took this one out of a neighbors trash.  Yeah..I have no pride.

I know the chair looks like it came out of the trash...almost.  It was $20.00 and white spray paint, but we are talking about the small black table.  

Fa ree......yep.  Can't get much better than that.

So go find some trash.....

Garbage girl....AKA

I seriously LOVE this chic.  Go check out Sherry's blog, Design Indulgence, and prepare to be inspired and laugh- she's a good one ya'll.  Sherry-berry-bo-berry...
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  1. Sherry rocks - love her guest posts as she always shows some fun project or client project that she's working on.

  2. Beautiful, Sherry has a way with trash doesn't she?!!!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  3. I love ShaBoom too! Great projects Sherry!

  4. Sherri, I LOVE that mirror. I've seen similar ones and this is just as good as any I've ever seen, maybe better! Thanks for sharing.

  5. so glad you've met sherry!! now when you return to the atl for a visit, we can all get together like ol' friends.

    sherry, that mirror is she-bangin'. Now make me one, too!

  6. Sherry definitely knows how to take trash and turn it into a treasure. Her mirror turned out incredible! Great job Sherry.

  7. That mirror is amazing! Sherry really turned those sticks into one beautiful mirror! I love it!

  8. Sherry! Love that mirror girl, it looks right out of a high-end shop. Great idea!! Let's all do lunch again one of these days!

  9. Don't ya just love Sherry's sense of humor? I know I do! Plus she's one talented chica! Love the mirror!

  10. Sherry - fabulous and LOVE the way you talk trash!!

  11. Sherry is the absolutely best! That mirror is fabulous. Love it!

  12. Shelli...I forgot to thank you have having me guest post!!!! Hope you had a good vacation!