Monday, October 10, 2011

JCrew Jewels On Sale! My Goodies!

I popped into Jcrew to return a dress and fell into a jewelry sale!  All of these little goodies I picked up were not only on sale, but IN STORE an extra 30% off...Yippee!  Do you have a JCrew near you?  If so, head on in, they have a LOT more than these goodies I am showing here!

Such a fun way to punch up an outfit with some color!
Happy Fall Ya'll!!


  1. ooo good to know! i need to visit jcrew soon! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. This could be trouble for me! :) Thanks for the head's up.

  3. love love J Crew. My youngest sister is a personal shopper for JCrew so Im always bugging her for some goods! LOL
    Their pencil leg jeans are my bestie b/c they make my butt look good!

  4. Love your fun new colorful jewels! I need to pop in JCrew.

  5. Thanks for the head's up. Fun colorful jewels!