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Tailored Table Skirt Tutorial- Living Savvy

Hey there all a 'la Mode lovelies!  
I am Tiffany from Living Savvy!  

Since Shel is more the "do it for me" gal... I am so happy she asked me back to give you all another little how to... this time for my tailored table skirt.  Really it is pretty easy.. anyone {even you Shel} can make one for your house!

A couple weeks ago I revealed my new table skirt for my entry table in my Piano room: 

You all may think I can sew... I really can't.  I can sew a real mean pillow, but something that has multiple pieces and is what I call 3D... forget about it!  Until now!  As I said before I wanted to learn to sew from a pattern, but as my mom and I search for a pattern to make this table skirt none could be found.  So we just decided to make it from scratch.  So as I say with all of my sewing projects.. if I can do it you can do it too.  

Here's is where you start:

Cut out all of your pieces.  My table was 48"Wx30"Hx18"D.  So this is what my fabric pieces figured out to be.  I wanted the accent fabric to be 3" finished on all sides so here is the math:

Front main fabric {2 will be needed}
24"wide x 30"long finished + 1 {1/2 seam allowance} = 25"W x 31"height 
subtract for side accent fabric: 25"w - 6" {2 finished accent panels} = 19" wide
subtract for bottom accent fabric: 31"height - 3" {1 finished accent panel} = 28" height

**Front Main Fabric {2}: 19"wide x 28" height**

Side main Fabric {2 will be needed}
18" wide x 30" height finished + 1 {1/2 seam allowance} = 19"w x 31"height
subtract for side accent fabric: 19"w - 6" {2 finished accent panels} = 13" wide
31" height -3" {1 finished accent panel} = 28" height

**Side Main Fabric {2}: 13"wide x 28"height**

Top Panel
48"wide x 18"deep finished + 1 {1/2 seam allowance} = 49"wide x 19"deep

Back Panel
{I didn't go to the floor on the back.  I just came down about 5" to help keep the skirt on}
48"wide x 5"height finished + 1 {1/2 seam allowance} = 49"wide x 6"height

Side Accent Fabric Panels
3"wide x 30"height finished + 1" {1/2 seam allowance} = 4"wide x 31"height

**Side Accent Panels {8} = 4"wide x 31"height**

Bottom Accent Fabric Panels for the Front
24"wide x 3"height finished + 1 {1/2 seam allowance} = 25"wide x 4" height

**Bottom Accent Fabric Panels Front {2}: 25"wide x 4"height**

Bottom Accent Fabric for the Sides 
18"wide x 3" height + 1 {1/2 seam allowance} = 19"wide x 4" height

**Bottom Accent Fabric for the Sides {2}: 19"wide x 4" height**

Inside Accent Fabric Panels:
6"wide x 30"heigh + 1 {1/2 seam allowance} = 7"wide x 31" height

**Inside Accent Fabric {3}: 7"wide x 31"height**

Once all pieces are cut it is time to start sewing.

The first step is to sew all of the finished edges of the accent fabrics.  This will include all of the bottom edges of the bottom accent panel {there will be 4}, the sides and bottoms of all the side accent panels {there should be 8}, and the sides and bottoms of the inside accent panels {there should be 3}.  Also sew the bottom edge of you back panel just to finish it off.  Fold the edges 1/4" and iron and then fold that over 1/4" and iron to create a finished edge.  Pin in place.

Now it is time to add the accent fabric panels to the main fabric.  First I laid out the accent fabric panels over the main fabric to line up the bottoms of all pieces.  Then I started pinning and sewing the side panels first. I wanted to miter the corners {my mom does not think this is the right term for sewing, but you all know what I mean} so I stopped a little short of the corners when I was sewing them together.  Then I added by bottom piece making sure my bottoms still matched up.  Don't worry about the sides meeting up... 

To make the miter corners take the side and the bottom panel and fold them from the corner to make seam.  Pin as close as you can to the bottom because that will be your sewing guide.  It is ok if the corners don't meet up perfectly as long as the finished seams meet somewhere.  Sew the corners.

Once the corners are mitered cut the back excess fabric off leaving 1/2".

Remember how we didn't sew the panels all the way to the corner.  Now it is time to go back and finish the corners.

One down only 3 more panels to go!

Next step is to add all of the panels to the top.  I started with the front two panels.  I wanted to make sure the bottoms matched.  It is ok if you have to adjust a little where the panels meet the top.

Next lay the inside accent fabric panel over the center seam, alining the bottoms of all the fabric pieces.  Again, if the top of the panels don't meet up perfectly at the top that is ok.  It is more important they are even on the bottom.   

Pin all the panels in place and cut any excess fabric at the top.  After the front was all pinned I took it over to my table to do a quick check to see if it was all straight and even on the bottom.  Then sew the panels.  Once the front was done I added the side panels.  I pinned sides and then checked it on the table to see if it was even. 

After the front, and side panels were sewn on it is time to add the corner accent fabric.  The best way to do this was to put the skirt on inside out and pin the fabric to the corners.  Pin on the inside of the seam... this makes it the easiest to sew.  Sew the corners, iron, and install!

I hope this was not too confusing... I don't know if I could have done this without my mom helping me!  I can say this is my first actual sewing project that required exact measurements and sewing it just right so it all hung perfectly.  I love it!  It softens all of the wood in the room and gets rid of some of the brown.  

One project down for the piano room plan a few more to go!

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Thanks Shelli for having me!  

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  1. The table cover is beautiful. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another great project from Tiffany!

  3. Wow, I am not a sewer so this will not be on my to do list even though it looks awesome! :)

  4. I'm so glad I discovered your blog. I love your taste! Have a great weekend!

  5. First of all Tiffany can sew!!! Cause that was a complicated order :) But it sure did turn out great!!!