Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Finds For My Wardrobe...

A little birdie told me that many of the JCrew designers were hired for a pretty penny to come over to Talbots (they want to rebrand to a younger chic audience).  I decided to pop in the other day and though much of it was not my style, I could tell that they were getting new pieces in that were much more hip and fun and frankly, kind of JCrew 'ish' - here are a cpl things I picked up to add to my fall wardrobe.

  Fun, right?
I bought it in black as well. Will be cute to layer over a long tee too...

I'm a sucker for feminine detail so I love these flutter sleeve tees.  They are nice and long too, don't you love a long tee to belt, etc? 

I thought this might be cozy for fall nights and a good glass of red wine.  
*dreaming of fall weather*

But I also stopped in JCrew.

and loved this.

and another really cute necklace that wasn't online (sorry).

I dress really casually now that I am a stay at home mommy and that is a big change for me.  I now buy things that are cute but easy to run around town, catch play dates, etc.  I like to glam it up with jewelry and cute handbags (esp since it isn't as essential for me to carry a diaper bag!)  Did you check out the cute Kate Spade bags at their big sample sale yesterday?

Its September, um, why is it 102 degrees outside?


  1. Wow, you are so lucky to have all that extra money to spend and be a stay at home Mom. What a privilege.

  2. Love all these looks, especially the poncho!! You should link up to my Fall 5 series today! :)

  3. I love the cherry vest! Super cute & such a happy color. I think that's what makes me sad about fall & winter is when everyone starts wearing black & gray ALL the time.

  4. I love the yellow jacket and the black cape/jacket. But, as a stay at home mom sometimes I feel lucky if I put on a clean t-shirt, let alone a pretty piece of clothing!

  5. You found some fun pieces! I haven't been in a Talbots in a long time but did order a cute little glitzy pair of sandals from them online this summer. I love the top you got with the flutter sleeves. I may need to pop in the store and take a look.

  6. I will have to check out the Talbots up the street. I haven't been in there in ages...just wasn't my thing. But, I like what you've featured. I love the JC vest too!!

  7. interesting!! i actually have never been to talbots! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams