Friday, September 30, 2011

Calling All Future Reality Stars!

One of my friends (that I grew up with) owns a production company and they are casting for a reality show in Dallas and Austin, Texas.  Let me know if you are interested and I will put in a good word for you!  Jeff and Toby (his wife) are awesome people and would be awesome to work with!  Do any of you fabulous Texans have a desire to star in your own reality series?  This is your chance! 

Leave a comment here telling us why you or someone you know would be a great candidate and your contact information.  Also, send an email to !  I will make sure Jeff and Toby see this post (they sent me the poster image to post to you folks!)
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  1. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I can't imagine why anyone in her right mind would want to be on a reality show. The ones currently on TV (particularly on Bravo) should discourage anyone from doing this kind of tacky, low class program. I think it's just another example of the degradation of this country. Your mileage may very, of course.

  2. Oops, meant "vary" instead of "very". Sorry.

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