Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Breakfast Room Switch Around- Take 3

So, back to the kitchen table.  I know, I know, I'm sick of it now too (see here and here and you'll be sick of it too).  But anyway, it ORIGINALLY looked like this on my home tour (which will be updated soon).

Pretty, right? well...

...we never sat there.  It was crowded.  I wanted to sit on the settee, but it was hard to get to it.  So, once again, the real world 'this house has to be liveable' hit, and I changed it. Don't worry, if you know me at all, it will change again.  It's my curse. 

Is this better than the previous attempts?
Because my lazy self will not iron this runner until I decide if it is stayin.  

Man, that thing needs to be ironed.  
We really like the way we can see outside when we sit here as a family now for dinner. It lets the light in as well. We move K's highchair to the head of the table when we eat.  She is the princess afterall (don't I know it).

the rug isn't centered either
(oops more lazy)
it is a 5x8 and is the largest the space will allow

Let me know your thoughts.  
Do you have a craft room?
If so, go show it off here!

Are you getting your nursery posts ready to show off on my blog next week?
I'm going to be sharing some awesome nurseries that I have found too.  
I'm so excited!!!


  1. Love the change! All the seats are easy to access and you all get a great view! I'd say this is a keeper--go ahead and iron the table runner.

  2. LOVE the vase and the runner. I've never found a runner than I've head over heels for. This one is gorgeous!

  3. Love it! Just toss the runner in the dryer with a damp load of laundry. Works like a charm for we, lazy, non-ironing types. ;)

  4. I think it looks good. I love having a view to look at from a table. And I agree, so much easier to get to the settee.

  5. I think the set up looks good! I'm not really a fan of the runner, though, even ironed. (Sorry.)

  6. I'm just not digging it much. What if you turned the big seat straight towards the window? You could even end up putting something behind it so it'll stay stationary.

    I'm not sure if I like the rug either. I know it is super functional, just a little small for the space. Maybe it is just the angle of the camera? Sorry for the pessimism today!

  7. I think it looks good. I keep feeling like you need an extra chair at the other side of the table (near the window)? I love the sette though, what a great idea!

    I'm just throwing this out there but what if you painted the table white?

  8. I love that settee and the bay window just cries out for it to be centered in front of it.

    I know the arrangement has to be functional, but if you put the sette as close to the window as possible, then turned the table long ways with the two chairs opposite the settee.... would there be enough room to go around the ends of the table to sit on the settee? The baby's highchair could still be pulled up to the end of the table.

    I love that blue vase... but I think the table would look best without the runner. Your floors are gorgeous... so I actually prefer the first pic with no rug.

    Sorry to disagree so much... I really do love your house and think you have great style. ;)


  10. Dear Anonymous,

    There are many things that we worry about that we choose not to talk about here. Why are you reading if it's such a waste of your time? (Why not leave your name by the way?)

    Shelli, it looks wonderful. The best way is the way it works for you and your family. If you decide to change it daily, have at it!

    Take care,


  11. Looks good - a table runner is always nice. I liked it when you had the "home tour" also. What about keeping it just like that (without a rug) and just lose the 2 end chairs? Just an idea... LOVE your blog ;)

  12. I love it! I'd want to always sit on the sette too :)

  13. I like it the first photo best... the settee just seems more anchored in front of the window. I adore the panels in the windows, they look like the color (graige) that I'm looking for, I would love to know where you got them.

  14. I think visually it works better the way you had it before, although it looks like there's too many chairs somehow. Anyway, the important thing though is how it functions! Your pieces are lovely, and if it works for your family {and the princess!} so be it! You'll probably want to change it again before too long anway. :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  15. I LOVE the slip covered chairs. I like them mixed with the dark wood chairs too. The settee, though a nice piece, just doesn't seem to fit there for me. I'd do one chair on each side, same type across ea other; and replace one at the head with K's high chair when eating....:-)

  16. The changes are great! The whole space just looks more comfortable somehow. Well done.

  17. I like the orientation of the table in the "before" picture - could you pull the table out a bit from where it was before so the settee is easier to access? I really like how the settee was sitting in front of the windows. I think the addition of the rug made a huge difference and defined the space really well.

  18. Dear Anonymous,
    It takes a strong brave woman to say what you think; however, it is weak and cowardly not to give your name! Shelli, it looks beautiful! Yep we "worry" about these things because we enjoy design. We also love making our house a HOME. We have numerous other things we worry about too, but God gives us grace and courage to press on and enjoy our passion of decor and design! Love you, Shelli!

  19. I think it looks wonderful! And I think we should feel very blessed if this is all we have to worry about! Sounds like anonymous is a very unhappy person!

  20. I'm lame. I miss the old rug.:$ love the runner. Oh, and loooove the bench. Good luck!!! I'm on my to traffic court!!! Wish me luck...bluh!".

  21. Have you tried a round rug in that space? I think visually the table looks better the other direction with the settee in front of the window. All of the pieces are very pretty, though.