Monday, August 1, 2011

Boohoo To WooHoo- Just A Touch Of Gray

Hi all! I was thrilled when Shelli asked me write a post for you on her FaBuLoUs blog for her new series "boohoo to woohoo!" Today I'm going to share with you our living room and master bathroom before and afters. You see hubs and I were looking for a fixer upper, a house with good bones and grandmas decor, if you will. And last summer that is just what we found. We bought a 1960 brick ranch from it's original owner. And "original" it was! So, as my tag line reads, we've been dedicated to fix things up "one room at a time".
The adventure started as soon as we got our hands on those shiny little keys...
We were already in our work clothes!
We didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into, but we were energized and ready to turn this house into our home.
We had the hardwoods refinished before me moved in and then replaced all the interior doors and trim. What a huge difference that made in itself! Then we had a decision to make... what room should we start with? We probably would have chose the kitchen first if funds were unlimited. But, no money tree here {I mean, hello we just bought our first house!}, so naturally our next choice was the living room. It's where we ultimately spend the most waking time and we {although grateful for} were getting tired of our hand-me-down furniture.
So here is our very brown, very wooden BEFORE:
Can you see the potential? Most of our friends thought we were crazy at first. Definitely had some confessions later that they were giving us the ole smile, nod, and say how great it is when really they were wondering what the heck we were thinking! 
Lucky for this ole ranch hubs and I saw major potential, and this is how we executed... 
You like? 
We sure do. The color palette is smoothing, the space is cozy, and we feel right at home. 
You can read more about how we did it and see more photos click {here}.
Now lets switch gears and move on to the master bathroom.
This is what we started with... 
 Not exactly magazine material now is it? Well we were going to change that! 
We snagged a furniture inspired vanity piece at a local shop and our master bath transformation was officially underway. 
We covered the tile on the walls with beadboard {yep, right on top of the tile}, replaced the toilet {white, of course!}, vanity, and light fixture. 
After a lot of hard work {by a certain handy husband} our bathroom now looks like this... 
To read more about how we did it and to see more photos go {here} and {here}. This little bathroom was even featured in Cottages & Bungalows Sept 2011 issue (out in stores now)!
To see what else we've been working on in our humble abode 
take a peek around my blog - {Just a Touch of Gray}! 
Thanks for having me, Shelli! It was a pleasure! 
Do you have a before and after to share?
to submit a post for boohoo to woohoo!
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