Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Gallery Wall and a Moose

Food poisoning.  You don't want to know any more details than that.  
Good news? It didn't kill me.  
Bad news?  It didn't make me stronger.
I missed ya'll!
I used K's scribbles art to help me figure out where to hang pictures.    

Did you catch Mo the moose?
Yeah, he came home to live with us.
I met him at P.D's
He's very loving yet stoic.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Chairs Unite...

Remember this post?

Well, my little stripey chair found his soul mate and now he is living with her in the master bedroom!
Ah, a little frequent game in my house I like to call 'musical furniture.'  
 (forgive the boring staging, the bedroom is a work in progress right now)
I think they will be very happy there together! 
stay tuned...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Roomspiration Upcoming LINKY PARTY!!

Baby K has some exciting news (other than the fact that she just inhaled this really large cheesy cracker)...since she has shared her room with you, she wants you to share your little one's nursery too!  K?
I mean, how could you resist that messy face?

It's my FIRST link par-tay and I am EXCITED!  
Get your nursery posts ready to show off here at a' la mode on September 28th!
Here are the blog links- join us!!
abode love: a man\View Along the Way

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{ All Things Bright and Beautiful }  Touch of Gray

The Blooming Hydrangea  The Mustard Ceiling

 The DIY Show Off

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Navy and Green Master Bedroom E- Design

I designed this master bedroom for the most adorable young couple living in Colorado in a very chic home!

I am in love with the navy and green and especially those Annie Selke floral throw pillows for the bed!  Last time we emailed, she and her hubs were headed to West Elm for the navy pleated pillow!  Can't wait to see how their room transforms!

Annie Selke Floral Pillow, $40
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Skirted Bedside Tables

See those unfinished nightstands?
To see where I bought the table form and glass top click here

Here's a better look.  Oh, and do you see the red wine grape juice stain on the bed skirt?  Um, I'm not sure how that got there.  Oops.

Soon, the tables will look like this!
Thanks to Cindy from Trendy Pillows-
 her attention to detail is insane and her work is so gorgeous- I am soooo giddy for these skirts to come in the mail!
To see her shop click here
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ikea Rast Side Table Project- Little House Blog DIY

Aubrey and Lindsay from Little House Blog made this beauty

from this stuff.
Genius. And by genuis I mean easy.
And by easy I mean, maybe I could actually do it.  Remember, I am NOT DIY.  I am DIFM (do it for me).  I'm not ashamed.  I'm real. Ha.
I might do it for the new guest room.
Should I?
Go check out their post here.
And a spray paint version here.

(maybe I can sweet talk St. John into staining it for me, we'll see...)

(A)Old brass OR (B)burnished bronze???

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

E-Design Hazard Of The Moment

Look, I know I have a problem.  The first step is admitting it, right?  When I shop for my e-design clients, I inevitably end up shopping for myself.  Ugh.  This mirror.  Case in point.

I have had this knot mirror in my shopping cart at for oh, about a month now.  Um, and then it disappeared.  Yep, they were out of stock.  Well, maybe it was because it was a steal at $49.99.  Yeah, that was probably it.  So I trotted my happy self in the Kirklands store today and snagged the last one.  It was kind of a rush even though maybe no one else even wanted it.  Ha. 

My mirror (courtesy of Kirklands).  $49.99

Rich people's mirror (courtesy of Horchow).  $525

No surprise here, my pal Cassie pioneered the Kirkland's effort awhile back, scoring the exact version of the Horchow knot mirror for $45 at Kirklands too!  I've admired her find for awhile now!  Read about her mirror here!

Oh, and yes, I caved.  I can't help it.  I had the whole DARN house painted baby fawn.  Uh- huh.  The WHOLE house.  Oh, and I'm lovin' every square foot of it.  Bye bye Comfort Gray that I also adored but was kind of sick of.  My bedroom feels new and it feels HUGE.  It's not not normal to be this excited over neutral 'ish' paint is it?  Don't answer that.  Just love me anyway, even if its because you feel sorry for me.  

Oh, more on the 'bedside tables in progress' later this week....

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Fashion Forward- Full Plate Living

Hi! I'm Kelly T. from Full Plate Living. I'm thrilled to be here to invade share with you at a la mode. I find so much inspiration here on Shelli's blog. Amazing blogs like a la mode have been challenging me to break out of my fashion little black box.

If you walk in my closet (please don't...or let me pick up the dirty socks first) you may think you forgot to turn the light on because of all the black you will see. So I'm here to challenge myself by arranging some outfits around color. Gasp!


I think these ballet flats are precious. If I saw them on someone out on the town I would totally want something like them for my closet. But, to be honest, I know if I saw them in the store, I would pass them up. My fear would be that I wouldn't get enough use out of them to warrant the cost. So here I go to prove myself wrong and use these little beauties with multiple looks.

shoe option #1

$27 -

Old Navy super skinny jeans
$20 -

CAMPER ballerina flat
140 CAD -

H M crystal ring
£3.99 -

Gold earrings
$48 -

Paul & Joe Lipstick
$26 -

shoes option 2

$49 -

Old Navy lightweight pants
$25 -

Aeropostale slimming camisole
$8.75 -

CAMPER floral shoes
140 CAD -

Nine West mother of pearl jewelry
$32 -

Nine West mother of pearl jewelry
$26 -

shoe option 3

Forever21 sleeveless dress
$28 -

Forever21 sleeveless dress
$28 -

CAMPER ballerina shoes
140 CAD -

Sparkle jewelry
$16 -

Dorothy Perkins gold tone earrings
£6.50 -

Floppy beanie hat
$15 -

I think I like #2 best.  What do you think?And if all else fails, I can always wear them with something black! How about you? What is the fashion box in which you find yourself? Today is the day to break out!
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