Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pimp Out Your Porch

 Remember the screened in porch as shown in
 this post
kinda blah...

I've recently re decorated my screened in porch and
I thought I would share it with you!

The porch now has a punchy cherry red and bright royal blue!

Remember this post?

Here they are!

To take it a step further, I think a perfect night on the porch would be to put my little baby girl in this cute dress from Rikshaw Designs
oh, and I'll wear this
and these
Oh, and lets pretend the view is THIS
Whew!  I think we're done here.
Too bad this is in Cabo, and not my backyard.
What do you think of the new porch decor?
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  1. That looks fantastic! I love those red chairs - they really brighten up the space...

  2. It looks great! I love the pops of red!

  3. Love it!! I have been taking my own porch in a blue direction since I already had the red (too much!). So peaceful out there except that it's 90 degrees already!

  4. Your porch, and your view!, are stunning! Love the colors and drapes. That view makes me miss BNA so much....I totally recognize the area.

  5. It looks AMAZING! Wish I had a porch with "that view" too!

  6. Oh wow. I love it, Shelli! I love those chairs and the cute cherry tin with the good reads in it. You did a great job. What a fun place to relax.

  7. Love it, and your view is just perfect! Great job..

  8. It looks fabulous, Shelli! Love the punch of bright cherry red and royal blue. I have a fun striped blue and white dress I could wear and bring a cherry pie for match your decor of course! You did a great job!

  9. Ummm I'm pretty much in love!! You should see my ghetto back yard!!! Great job girl!!

  10. Of course I absolutely love it! The red tolix chairs are completely perfect, count me in for cocktails on the porch watching the sunset!

  11. Love the new design and color combos! Actually, I have been wondering when you will post your porch pictures because I remember you want to redesign it. I also remember the post about the red chairs! Finally! Love it, love it, love it! Shelli, you did a great job!


  12. Fabulous!! Am loving the red chairs :) Where did you get those ruffled blue placemats from? It's all in the details :)

  13. Well, I thought the "before" was very dreamy! Haha, but the "after" pictures are beautiful!

  14. It's fabulous Shelli!!! Lurve the pop of red!!

  15. I must know where those placemats came from I have been on the hunt for some similar!