Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Paint Dilemma Continues...

Well, the hubs and I are experimenting with color, as you saw start to unfold in this post.
We can't reach the ceilings in most parts of the house, so we experimented here in the dining room.  This is horizon by Benjamin Moore.  Not sure what I think about it.  I like the fact that it is lighter and brighter, and want to get away from all of the taupe/khaki madness...I just need a change.  I tried a few patches of classic gray by Benjamin Moore in the living room, but I'm thinking its a little too white for my uber tall ceilings.  
I've been calling it poohville- house of mud- land of blah.
I need a change!
My brain is on paint overload.  I think we might try BM's baby fawn next. 

But is it really going to be that different from 
Sherwin William's China Doll in my guest bedroom and nursery???
Then I randomly came across this blog when I googled my Sherwin Williams China Doll
and she narrowed it down to these two
Maybe I'll pick up some Realist Beige tomorrow.
This pretty much sums up my life right this moment.

Just.  Shoot.  Me.  Now.

 It's a lot of pressure when you will be paying a small fortune to get it professionally painted.  
Can I get an amen?


  1. go get august's real simple magazine . . . towards the back they take a room and show it redone in all different colors . . . they used horizon as trim in one of them. fun thoughts and ideas to suit your stage

  2. amen sista! it only took me 2 years to decide on a paint color for my sunroom....i second guess my choice right up to the minute it's on the wall and i know if i'm going to love it in that instant...fortunately (for painter guy and hubby) i loved it!


  3. Paint really is hard. I can't wait to see what you decide. Hugs, Marty

  4. you have such a big space that i can completely sympathize with things looking too "white"...take a look at benjamin moore "silver song". i used it in my office: {sorry, its a long post i did for a local website but scroll to the middle-ish and you can see it}. actually every color on that card is great...the walls in the bathroom and kitchen of this project i did are bm vapor trails and the cabinets are the same color as my office: good luck :)

  5. Amen!!! I have gone through the same dilemma. We don't have the super high ceilings, but all of the downstairs flows together so it's a HUGE commitment. Paint choices are sort of a nightmare. You'll knock it out of the park. LOVE the design board you did. One of my fav rugs and have used it for two clients lately. So pretty.

  6. I'm burned out on khaki as well! I need a change!!! I'm with you when it comes to painting...I hire my man Chitto! We love him!!! Good luck girl!

  7. I like the blue... but yes you have to LOVE it to PAY someone to paint it! I always say it is just paint... you can change it, but I am usually the one doing the re-painting!!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  8. Amen sister! I LOVE China Doll...I think it's amazing and will strongly consider using it in our next home. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  9. You're doing the right thing - samples, samples, samples.

    I highly recommend a Farrow and Ball for times like these. The pigments are so rich (the paint is like pudding!) that they give so much depth to a space - even the "pale" spectrum they have. Light Gray and Elephant something ....both beautiful. Don't scream at me when you see the price per gallon - but just think - your labor costs will go down because the coverage is amazing!!!

    They have terrific tester pots, too. Good luck!

  10. I like it... but it appears to be blueish? but looks lovely with your furniture.... I painted my guest bedroom BM Collingwood...its a gray with "beige" undertones and changes color with the different light of the day...I love it though. Also did hubby's office in Gray Owl by BM which I also love. Good luck!

  11. Choosing paint can be such a dilemma! Here is what we have in our house if it helps! :)

  12. It can be a tough dilemma, but fun! I guess it's time to start painting squares on the wall (if you haven't already) and see what you think. The dining room is much brighter! I like that.

  13. two houses ago I took two months and thirteen paint swatches on the wall to pick a color for the living room. It looked like abstract art. Good luck :-)

  14. This might throw a wrench in the paint "colorgate" but look at Pratt & Lambert: Lambswool, Pebble, Feathergray....jus sayin

  15. JUST, JUST painted my living room & office with sand stone cove... LOVE it. Gray is such a finnickie (sorry I can't spell) color BUT sand stone cove is perfect and adjusts to light well. No green, blue or purple under tones. I have floor to ceiling windows and 24/7 its a great color.... sorry I got a little spurt of excitement when I saw "my" paint color on THE DESIGN BLOG. It inspires me and being my first house as an "adult" (26yrs) its perfect! You can return my two cents if you wish. I may be needing to add myself to your clientel list once I can sit to compose an email/request of what I want/looking for so it actually makes sense.

    ps, was away for 3 weeks w/ work so I'm catching up, so if you picked a color since this post (yeah too lazy to check(well until I'm done commenting)).... once (or if ever) things calm down a little I hope to be intouch

    pps. THANKS for blogging

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  17. what a dunce. I commented even before scrolling down to read the rest of your post (including the narrowing down part). I actually tried china doll, but I thought it clashed too much w/ my accent colors. Plus seemed to have pinky undertones. Sorry!

    (MAJOR DUNCE) ALSO I just realized I missed the "fine print" that the color swatches were from another blog. So, as I said before there is a 1000% guarantee no hassle returns for my two cents.

  18. Last comment (well, for at least thr next 45 minutes, hehe)

    - its my brother's house
    - his 1st house too
    - he was/is trying to copy HGTV ideas
    - he spent $115 on $3 paint samples
    - It took me flying across country to finally get him purchase a gallon, no multiple gallons of paint.
    - By the time I left we had the main floor and hallways (open floor plan), kitchen, guest bedroom, guest bathroom & accent wall painted, with the colors (minus the master) picked out for the other rooms.

  19. I have to say I hear you loud and clear about the paint fog. I spent a fortune on paint samples and still ended up spending the big bucks on a big mistake. Drat those high ceilings that put us at the mercy of the professional painters.
    I wanted to get away from my very warm wall colors, gold, olive and burgundy, and head in a more neutral direction to brighten things up. I now have a weird beige color that reads too pink throughout most of the house and a baby blue accent wall. I was going for a grey blue or the accent wall. I think I'm going to try and paint the kitchen myself and will absolutely tackle that accent wall ASAP.
    I think part of my problem is my woodwork is all cherry. Cherry cabinetry int he kitchen and living room and cherry floors. I need help figuring out colors that will compliment it and everything I'm drawn to is white and bright.
    Back to the drawing board. Boo Hiss.

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