Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our First Home- Atlanta-The ISSUES... much as I LOVED my home in Atlanta, things were certainly not perfect (they never are, right?)

There was a bit of a flooding issue with the creek that ran behind our home when the rain really started coming down...
(this was pre- deck redo, taken from my master bedroom step out, eek!)

and as much as I LOVED my new parking pad, we still lived an urban life, and with 'in town' living comes 'in town' issues.  You know, like a bolder being thrown through your car at 3AM when your husband is out of town and you are big and pregnant.  
Where did they get the granite boulder you ask?  Oh you know, just kicked it loose from the granite wall along side of our house.  Lovely.
Good times.  
What did they steal you ask?  N.O.T.H.I.N.G.
Why?  because I'm not an idiot and keep NOTHING in my car.  Oh, but the morons left a GPS system that they stole from ANOTHER car, on my front lawn.  Nice.
Oh, and did I mention it was Saturday AM when I woke up to this.  Yeah, the insurance company told me to 'put in in the garage until Monday.'  Um....
So I had to put my big preggo rear end on top of a thick blanket on the glass and drive it to the dealership.
When I walked in the woman at the front desk said 'M'am, you have some glass in your jeans.'  Yeah, thanks lady.
Oh, and I had to take a cab back home.
Good times.

The move to Nashville happened within the next year.  Our choice.
But we still love and miss you Atlanta.


  1. Shelli, wow, that looked bad. Luckily, they didn't break in your house and you are safe. Thank God.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Can't say I blame ya! Virigina Highlands, Midtown, Buckhead...all nice, all in town, close to work, but with it comes all the fun of being in town (or not!!) My daughter is a nanny for a family part time that lives in Midtown...she can tell some stories.

  3. It baffles me, the things people do for "entertainment." Silly silly kids.

  4. Wow, that would kind of give you bad vibes. Hope you are happier now.

  5. People are CRAZY!!!! So glad you were safe despite the circumstances!

  6. Some people. Ugh! My parents lived in a house that had tons of bad vibes and we moved also. I totally get it!

  7. I have to laugh at the way you're telling're hilarious. I'm so sorry this happened though! What a serious bummer. And scary, too. Our house got broken into my senior year of high school and I walked in as they were running out the back. Terrifying!!!

  8. I hate that!!! My sister had someone do that to her!! On a side note...I want a range rover!! I have a white mini van...with old fries and petshops in it! Have wonderful 4th!!