Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My New Anthropologie Goody

How fun is this little clutchy doo dad I bought on sale at Anthropologie for $20???  
I love those darn navy zebras and the persimmon silk!
I think this calls for date night, don't you?
I also think these little guys are just precious on sale for $10!
Look at the fun colors- love!

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  1. Love the purse but love you even more for calling it a clutchy doo dad ; )

  2. Very cute purse. What a steal! It reminds me of a popular zebra wallpaper I always see in blogland, couldn't recall the name, though.


  3. how cute is that!? Im so crushing on zebra lately. Its an oldie but a goodie!

  4. Very fun little clutch! Great deal! Reminds me that I need to pop in Anthropologie but leave the wallet at home! I love way too much in that store.

  5. Oh lucky you!! Love your new clutch! Just found your blog..not sure what took me so long but I Looove it.

    XO Lindsay

  6. *LOOOOOVE* anthro...and you are right, it is perfection! And I'm pretty much down for any excuse that gets me out on a date with the hubby (c:

  7. The best part was 20 freaking dollars!! I love getting good deals at anthro. !! I just scored an amazing necklace for 9 bucks from anthro.!! Made my day!

  8. I adore! The zebras are too cute!!

  9. How cute is this...adore the zebras and the darling bows!!