Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Lazy Girls Guide To Buying A Fabulous Mirror

Do you ever run across something AMAZING at an AMAZING price and are just too lazy overwhelmed to deal with how to get it home?
Seriously, this mirrored perfection was so HUGE and awesome and less than $200.
Hope someone cool bought it- 'cause this foolish girl didn't.  Ugh.
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  1. Oh, So awesome. I am cracking up though as I just came across an amazing antique headboard for my daughter and an AMAZING price in a thrift store. I just stood there and stared at it. Thinking about getting it in my car gave me a headache so I walked away. I feel your pain.

  2. I have been there many times! The thought of getting it out of the store, into my car, out of my car, etc, etc, sometimes gets overwhelming. Then I regret it later on! They'll be another one out there for you though and it'll be the right time then. That's what I try to tell myself to feel better!

  3. ugh! I feel your pain. I have done that so many times. Recently I passed up a huge glass top coffee table from GoodWill. Weeks later I saw the exact same coffee table in House Beautiful! I cried!!

  4. there is a mirror exactly like that...like i think its the same one...at our local salvage store.

    so wonderful

  5. I buy. Then go home and politely ask my hubby to go back in his truck to pick up!