Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I just couldn't help myself.  
I know you've probably seen this gorgeousness a bajillion times, but seriously, it is breathtaking.  I am drawn to it and can't get enough of it.  
So here it is, Emily Ruddo's home (just featured in High Gloss), my 'if only my home looked like this' moment of the month.

I mean seriously, could you just die? 
Oh, and she's beautiful too!
Go check out Emily's blog here
This home and this home make me wanna flush mine down the toilet? Does this ever happen to you?? 
(say yes and make me feel better)
If you need me, I'll be living in her guest room hoping she doesn't call the police.  Tell my family.
PS- I thought this was interesting (both gorgeous)
(living room pre pink pop on the chairs)

(post pink pop)

How about I like both and therefore can never commit? 
One is serene and one is punchy and I love BOTH.
Darn design ADD. 

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  1. Wow. That white glossy console under the TV in the living room? I die.

  2. lol.. so understand! hard to reconcile my different design 'sides'. :P

  3. It is gorgeous, but your house is also amazing!!!

  4. I haven't seen this room - so glad you shared it!!!

  5. Beautiful home! The addition of the pops of pink was perfect.

  6. Oh that is heaven! Had not seen them. Fabulous!

  7. Such a beautiful home. I constantly want to move everything out and start over!

  8. WOWZA!!! Such a gorgeous home!!! Stunning details, colors, and patterns galore! :)

  9. Thanks for posting "before the pink" pictures. Amazing what bright pink pops and fresh flowers can do!

    AND Yes, I too have had the urge to "flush" my home after drooling over amazing homes in blogland.

  10. Such a gorgeous home, and yes, makes me want to start over. sigh.

  11. A beauty! My husband would have a cow with all of that pink but I LOVE it.

  12. It is a gorgeous home....every detail. Love the pops of bright pink. Shelli, your home is absolutely stunning, too!

  13. drooling. Seriously DROOLING over every detail of that house, and no....hadn't seen it before. Thanks a million for sharing. I'm off to sell all my stuff so I can have rooms like that.

    (and I'm with Allison- I've seen your home too, and GIRL there ain't nothing bad about it! LOTS of gorgeousness going on where you live so stop your whining! hahahaha.....)

  14. She has one of my ALL TIME favorite homes!!! Absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't change a thing (and I'm not usually a white wall kind'a girl)!!!

  15. Such attention to detail, its so gorgeous!

  16. This is definitely one of my favorite homes right now! Loving the pink and the overall presentation! Yum! And, yes, things like this make me want to trash mine and start over.