Sunday, July 31, 2011

Client E-Decor Board- Family Room- Shades Of The Sea!

My client wanted to revamp her family room.  They had just had a gorgeous pool and outdoor space put in, and this room opened out to that space.  Currently, her family did not use the room and her hubs said the flat screen had to stay on the wall where it was already located (a bit of an awkward spot).  Her family LOVES the beach and she wanted that space to evoke that feeling of sea.  Here was the inspiration board I created for her.
I wanted to give the feeling that we were at the beach, but give only touches of literal elements, because this wasn't a "beach house."
This would be the layout of the family room, and furniture to the right would be the television wall and would look like this.

Since we had to work with the television in its existing spot, I worked it into a gallery wall so it would be less obtrusive.  I sure wouldn't mind spending time with my family in this room- I love these calming colors!
*I apologize-no source sharing out of respect for my paying clients*
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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! No matter how indecisive I may be about {pretty much everything related to} redecorating, I always go back these beachy tones. I love it!

  2. VERY cool to see your design boards! Your selections are on point. I especially love the woven baskets and the driftwood mirror. I came across the same one while shopping last week and wish I had a place for it.

    I hope your clients complete the design. They'll be sure to love it.

  3. I love these colors and that this room opens up into an outdoor hanging-out area...I would love to have a room like this. Nice job!

  4. fav colors.

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