Saturday, July 30, 2011

Client E-Decor Board- Color The Foyer Without Paint- Shades of Blue!

My client had an existing antique buffet and mirror (gorgeous) and wanted some color to add to her entry. We needed to jazz up all the neutral (we've all been there, right?) 
So we started here. (this is not her buffet or mirror, just stand ins for the board)
which would have looked like this....
which was great, until I realized how HUGE the buffet and mirror actually were (and how TALL the lamps needed to be)
so....we revamped it with this
realizing that the chair needed to be a larger scale, and realistically there was only room for one chair flanking the buffet (I like how the legs match up too). Oh, and new lamps that are over 30 inches tall.  So, it should look similar to this
I cannot wait to see the after pics!
*no source sharing out of respect for my paying clients*

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  1. Love the blue! SO pretty and that chair is gorgeous!!!

  2. Looks great, Shelli. Love that rug!

  3. Shelli great design work for your client!!
    Love that rug and mirror!

    Art by Karena

  4. I absolutely LOVE this! It looks just like my foyer (wall color and dark floors.) I was contemplating repainting because things seemed too dark to me. Now, I'm realizing that maybe some white and blue would brighten it up and I might actually love it. :-) You're so good at this!

  5. it all...and I have been dying over that pillow at Tarjay and trying to work it into somebodies color scheme forever. You win.

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