Sunday, July 31, 2011

Giveaway- Kiki Creates Print- 3 WINNERS!

I mean seriously, does it get any cuter than this?  I think not, and as a mom, it makes my heart MELT.  I gotta have one.  And Kiki Comin thinks you do too!

I think its a pretty fun way to let your significant other know why you love them too!  I might force ask my hubs sweetly to fill it out for me....


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I'll announce the winner next Sunday!

And The Winner Is....

Congrats to Cory from
Please email me
within 72 hours to claim your FABULOUS drawer pulls from Vintage Skye!
Thank you to everyone who entered!

The Paint Dilemma Continues...

Well, the hubs and I are experimenting with color, as you saw start to unfold in this post.
We can't reach the ceilings in most parts of the house, so we experimented here in the dining room.  This is horizon by Benjamin Moore.  Not sure what I think about it.  I like the fact that it is lighter and brighter, and want to get away from all of the taupe/khaki madness...I just need a change.  I tried a few patches of classic gray by Benjamin Moore in the living room, but I'm thinking its a little too white for my uber tall ceilings.  
I've been calling it poohville- house of mud- land of blah.
I need a change!
My brain is on paint overload.  I think we might try BM's baby fawn next. 

But is it really going to be that different from 
Sherwin William's China Doll in my guest bedroom and nursery???
Then I randomly came across this blog when I googled my Sherwin Williams China Doll
and she narrowed it down to these two
Maybe I'll pick up some Realist Beige tomorrow.
This pretty much sums up my life right this moment.

Just.  Shoot.  Me.  Now.

 It's a lot of pressure when you will be paying a small fortune to get it professionally painted.  
Can I get an amen?

Client E-Decor Board- Family Room- Shades Of The Sea!

My client wanted to revamp her family room.  They had just had a gorgeous pool and outdoor space put in, and this room opened out to that space.  Currently, her family did not use the room and her hubs said the flat screen had to stay on the wall where it was already located (a bit of an awkward spot).  Her family LOVES the beach and she wanted that space to evoke that feeling of sea.  Here was the inspiration board I created for her.
I wanted to give the feeling that we were at the beach, but give only touches of literal elements, because this wasn't a "beach house."
This would be the layout of the family room, and furniture to the right would be the television wall and would look like this.

Since we had to work with the television in its existing spot, I worked it into a gallery wall so it would be less obtrusive.  I sure wouldn't mind spending time with my family in this room- I love these calming colors!
*I apologize-no source sharing out of respect for my paying clients*
For more information on a' la mode e-design

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Client E-Decor Board- Color The Foyer Without Paint- Shades of Blue!

My client had an existing antique buffet and mirror (gorgeous) and wanted some color to add to her entry. We needed to jazz up all the neutral (we've all been there, right?) 
So we started here. (this is not her buffet or mirror, just stand ins for the board)
which would have looked like this....
which was great, until I realized how HUGE the buffet and mirror actually were (and how TALL the lamps needed to be)
so....we revamped it with this
realizing that the chair needed to be a larger scale, and realistically there was only room for one chair flanking the buffet (I like how the legs match up too). Oh, and new lamps that are over 30 inches tall.  So, it should look similar to this
I cannot wait to see the after pics!
*no source sharing out of respect for my paying clients*

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Friday, July 29, 2011

I Need A Paint Color- Gray? Greige?

Brace yourselves.  I'm VERY needy this week.  Yes, yet another post where Shelli is begging for your input and opinions.  So, here's the scoop.  I want a lighter paint color in my home's main spaces.  Yes, this encompasses CRAZY high ceilings and oh, no biggie, just 80% of my interior space.  I finally got the okay from the hubs and got the estimate yesterday and we are a go.  Um, yeah, what color you ask?  Dunno.  HELP!

okay, I'm fine.  I just wish I was sure.  
I'm not.
Also, have you seen this post and this post?
It is a FAB resource for paint go tos from some amazing designers.
So what do you think about my living room being painted...

Horizon by Benjamin Moore?
Benjamin Moore Classic Gray?

Will this gray still go with all my flax linen?
How come I can do all ya'll's rooms but can't do MINE???
I be scared to pick wrong color =(
Any thoughts or suggestions?
Anyone know how to photoshop a wall color into my living room pics?
Needy Shelli signing off now.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rectangular Skirted Tables..Need Help!

I need ya'll's help.  I wanna put these pretty tailored skirted tables next to our bed and use them as nightstands...but I told ya'll I'm not DIY...I'm like DIFM (do it for me).  There.  I said it.  Yes, I'm kinda lazy like that.  I like pretty things and I like to pay others to make it for me.  Do you still love me anyway?  I want these.

(Wall Street Journal)

(La Dolce Vita Blog)

(So Haute Blog)

(Gretchen Leigh Clark Interiors blog)

I want more images.  Have you seen some on blogs that I could check out?  Will you share with me?  Also, has ANYONE seen where I can BUY one?  Help a sista out.  
You awesome readers sent me this
So I can get 2 for $654.  Yikes.  I might do it though.
But....then I found this.  Randomly.

I can buy 2 for $199 here. Problem?
They don't list the dimensions online.  Annoying.  So I guess I'm gonna call.  If they are the same, I could buy the bones from here and then the nicer skirts from Wisteria.  If that would work I could buy 2 for $360.
Guess I better get on the phone.
*Update- I did get the dimensions over the phone and I found someone to custom make the skirts!  Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I just couldn't help myself.  
I know you've probably seen this gorgeousness a bajillion times, but seriously, it is breathtaking.  I am drawn to it and can't get enough of it.  
So here it is, Emily Ruddo's home (just featured in High Gloss), my 'if only my home looked like this' moment of the month.

I mean seriously, could you just die? 
Oh, and she's beautiful too!
Go check out Emily's blog here
This home and this home make me wanna flush mine down the toilet? Does this ever happen to you?? 
(say yes and make me feel better)
If you need me, I'll be living in her guest room hoping she doesn't call the police.  Tell my family.
PS- I thought this was interesting (both gorgeous)
(living room pre pink pop on the chairs)

(post pink pop)

How about I like both and therefore can never commit? 
One is serene and one is punchy and I love BOTH.
Darn design ADD. 

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