Monday, June 27, 2011

A Word From Stella and Dot...and a deal for you!

A message from Kendal, Stella and Dot Stylist:
Well if you read this blog then you know about all things fabulous, so I’m sure most of you know about the uber stylish Stella & Dot.  Stella & Dot brings affordable luxury to the everyday woman with their amazing jewelry.  They’re not sold in retail stores but by website and extremely fun trunk shows at homes just like yours.  The perk to hosting a show of course is you get to redeem your Hostess Rewards on the beautiful jewelry of your choice.  Who doesn’t like free jewelry? 

Since we live all over the country it would be hard to get together for a fabulous trunk show at Shelli’s house. (You know that would be so fun and we could see her paper napkin collection in use.)  So we’ve decided to throw a virtual trunk show with a mystery hostess.  

What on earth is this you ask? 

Well, from today until June 30th you can place an order on my site and you will be in a drawing to win the hostess rewards to redeem on the jewelry of your choice.  Who wouldn’t want to win $250 in free jewelry?  Let me break it down for you a little more.  You will get one entry for any order you place but you’ll get additional entries for every denomination of $50 you spend.

Example:  Mary buys the Goa earrings for $39, she gets one entry

Susan buys the gorgeous Bambelo necklace for $228,she gets four entries

After all orders have been placed I will draw one of your names as our Mystery Hostess and you get to redeem the Hostess Rewards earned on the free jewelry of your choice. Whoo Hoo!
BOLD NOT SO FINE PRINT: When placing an order and asked who your hostess is, type

First name: Mystery
Last name: Hostess.

There are so many amazing deals right now with Stella & Dot’s June sale going on.  Grab them before they’re gone forever.  So have fun shopping and I’ll reveal the lucky winner on July 1st!
Kendal is one of my beloved sponsors and you can click on her button under 'shop here' on the left hand side of my blog to go directly to her site!  Thanks Kendal! 


  1. Shelli,

    I adore Stella and Dot Jewelry!! That link bracelet has been on my wish list for some time!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and enter!

  2. Oh....I do love Stella and Dot jewelry!

  3. Fun idea! I have a look-see but I think I blew my jewelry budget in NYC last weekend. ;-)

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