Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ten June- Home Tour Updates!

Hi there all of you A' La Moders! I'm Michelle from Ten June. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of mad at Shelli. She promised that she'd pack me in her suitcase when she headed to the beach this week. But, ahem, she didn't!! Only kidding, only kidding. I hope Shelli is off having a fabulous, well-deserved time and, meanwhile, I'm the lucky duck that gets to hang out with all of her readers!

I share Shelli's passion for all things interiors. In fact, my hubs and I have spent the last year (and probably a few more after this!) renovating our new-to-us-but-old-to-the-world 1952 ranch. One of my absolute favorite projects that we've done is the makeover of our dining room. 
Here is a little story of our dining room's history.

previous owners:
a few months after we moved in:

(not sure what the speckled "antique" look on the beadboard was all about?!)

the "I'm nervous to paint navy so lets start with gray" look:
(we painted all of the beadboard/trim the same color white as our kitchen cabinets)

taking the plunge with navy:

The wall color is Behr's Starless Night and I loooove it! 

and the completed look!

Here are some shots of my Ikea rug and the DIY sunburst mirror I created.

I also used a quatrefoil stencil to paint the back of my built-in wine rack.

I also just switched out the lighting with a new white pendant above the table.

So as you can see, we've done a lot of work to the room! The navy blue was certainly a risk, but oh how I love it! And I hope all of you like it too!

Thanks so much for having me, Shelli! You better bring me back a seashell or two!  : )

WOW!  Thanks Michelle!  Um, can you please come to my house right now and make me a cool stenciled built in wine rack?  I'll take one in every room!  Oh wait, is that wrong?  Okay, well maybe make me one of your AWESOME sunburst mirrors for my living room? K thanks!  Ya'll Michelle is a super sweet funny chick with a great blog! If you don't already follow her, go check out Ten June!
Also, a BIG thank you to Janell at Isabella & Max Rooms
for the nursery feature today!


  1. wow! love what you have done with your dinning room. just gorgeous! xoxo jillian:: enter in TWO GIVEAWAYS over at cornflake dreams

  2. Love, love, love the wine rack and the dark wall color, it makes the room.

  3. LOVE the navy! One of my fave colours :)

  4. Thanks so much for having me today, Shelli. xo

  5. I think a navy dining room looks so elegant. And the built-in wine rack is fantastic!

  6. Michelle has done such an amazing job! Love you both. Hope you are enjoying your trip, Shell!

  7. Love the navy wall and that Ikea rug! Michelle has done a wonderful job with her dining room. It's very striking. You both are wonderfully talented women!

  8. Wonderful job!!! Love the wine bottle design :)

  9. What a great post, the room looks fantastic! I want one of those built in wine racks, stat!

  10. Yay, navy! I was looking for Navy inspiration if I ever take the plunge to strip the wallpaper in my dining room...

  11. LOVE every bit of your dining room Michelle!


  12. Holy smokes! I adore it! I'm usually more of a muted color girl, but that blue is divine. I'm also coveting that yellow rug in the foreground of one of the pix: I think it's from West Elm, no? Love your dining room. :)

  13. Thanks so much, ladies!!

    Shanna- the rug is from Pottery Barn. It's discontinued but I think you can find it on Ebay!

  14. Love Michelle! I want her to make me one of those mirrors too!

  15. Yay Michelle! I love her mirror. She's done SUCH a wonderful job with her home!!!

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