Monday, June 13, 2011

Protect your FACE! My must have sunscreens!

Did you see this post over at Breakfast at toast?
I too have had more than a couple skin cancer red flags 
(and stitches to show for it)!
If only I had been as proactive with my skin back in my twenties! Oh how times have changed, now I get photofacials to remove sun damage and do NOT leave the house without my go to products applied to my skin!  
It contains silicone and goes on smooooooth as silk!
I use this if I am outside hard core, you know, beach, zoo, etc.

I use this for reapplication on the go- for your purse!
This is more of an everyday tinted moisturizer of sorts but better SPF protection 

Here are some of Danielle's go to products:
check out her post here
(I love and use the kiehls, neutro AND eos products too!)
When was the last time you were checked by the dermatologist?
Go on girl, make your appointment!
oh, and I'll just toss it all in here

or here
I know, I know....a girl can dream right?
C'mon, you know I've got a better option!
some of the silks are very Pucci 'esque...

The small is $22, large $32, both for $50
They are silk charmeuse and lined with vinyl! Perfection!
(yes, I have 3 of them)
Go check them out here
It gets better...
these are on sale for $20 here
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  1. I hear you. I was an idiot in my teens and twenties and am now a friend of the spf 50. Thanks for your recs!

  2. Good to hear some sunscreen suggestions! I used to never wear any (terrible, I know). Now I like to lather up! And I love that Kate Spade cosmetic bag! so cute.

  3. I'm with you, Shelli! I don't leave the house without my sunscreen either...rain or shine. I did enough damage in my 20's. I didn't listen to my mother!

  4. I have the hardest time with sunscreen- always breaks my face out so I don't wear it unless we're going to the beach or the pool. Bad, I know!

  5. my dermatologist is suggesting photofacials for me...for now I'm trying retinol. Quite a bit cheaper!

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