Sunday, June 19, 2011

He's Always There For You

He came to every appointment anticipating your arrival
He wore pink to the 20 week appt because he KNEW you would be a GIRL
He praised God for your safe arrival
He came to your very first doctor's appointment
...and every appointment since...
He was there for your first stroll out into the world
He dresses you funny but believes you ALWAYS look beautiful
He was there for your first trip to the zoo

He was there for your first step in the snow
He was there for your first walk in the sand and surf
He was there for your first swim lesson (and every one after)
Happy Father's Day 
to the best Daddy anyone could ask for.
(and to my Daddy too!)


  1. adorable! such a sweet post.

  2. Such a stunning post...loved it!

    and PS. Percy Pigs are the most delicious gum type sweets :-)

  3. so cute (and such beautiful blue eyes on your baby girl!)!! :)

  4. This was a wonderful post and such a nice tribute to your hubby & father of this little beauty!

  5. Love that!! U should listen go Sade's song your a flame talks about a daddy's love!!

  6. A very sweet tribute to your hubby! Adorable photos.

  7. PRECIOUS!!! What sweet words and pics :-)

  8. so sweet -- what a great post!
    and I love your striped chair...looks great in the living room!