Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun Drawer Knob Find!

So, do you ever visit this blog?
If you d0, you might have seen these
How fun are these garden water faucet knobs?
My bestie pointed them out to me and we think they would be super cute on a children's dresser- (she's preggo!)
When I first clicked on them, they were sold out, but I emailed the shop and he found more and listed them so I thought I would share 
the link with you all!
Would you keep them as is or paint them?

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  1. So cute! I would keep them just as they are!

  2. I would keep them just like they are. Cute for a boy's room!

  3. These would be fun on a children's dresser! I think I would keep them as is but depending upon what color your girlfriend paints the dresser, they'd be great painted, too. I'm no help! I like both ways!

  4. These are AWESOME!! I'd keep just the way they are, if it was for a boys room... which I have, so I am going to steal this idea. ; )