Thursday, June 16, 2011

Destination Inspiration: Tahiti

Trippin' in Tahiti 
Hello to all of Shelli's lovely readers!  I'm Natalie from natyouraveragegirl and I'm having fun playing Shelli today! I am so excited to be here for my first guest post and as always, I am constantly inspired by Shelli's beautiful blog and happy to share my amazing honeymoon to Tahiti with you. 

Matt and I stayed at the Intercontinental Resort and Spa in Moorea. We had the perfect balance of busyness and relaxation on our honeymoon. We shopped in Papeete, swam with dolphins, took a catamaran to a motu (small island) to snorkel, rented a mo-ped to tour the island and stopped at Belevedere Point and Toatea Lookout, ate at The Fare Nui restaurant till we were sick, and of course spent a lot of quality time together. :)
 We stayed here and this is our sweet hut over the water 

 If you like pina coladas! Free coconut juice and leis courtesy of our dolphin experience.
 Our view from our breakfast table every morning at Fare Nui.
 Chandeliers and curtains made from shells were everywhere. A DIY project maybe?
 Ocean views of Moorea from Tahiti. 
 I wish every happy hour was like this! 
 Bobble heads for life. :) Mo-peds rented across the street from our hotel.
We had to be safe on our go-ped ride around the island!
 Our special ice cream cones were served at the top of Belvedere Lookout.
 Toatea Lookout on our mo-ped trip.
 The most amazing salmon and risotto ever! Roll me out.
 On our way to a small motu to go snorkeling.
 View from our motu. A.MAZ.ING.
 Cheese! What a ham!
 What a tricky dolphin! 
 I could get used to this!
 Champagne on my bungalow deck? Yes, please!
 Pure solitude. Later we put these chairs in the water too cool down.
 Every Thursday they have a luau. Hula time!
Shade in style.
I'll love you forever.

- We booked our trip through Pleasant Holidays under the "hot deals" section. He then added nights to our package which was great because we still got to keep the benefits of the package such as the all inclusive meals etc.  Pleasant Holidays coordinated all of the transfers, tours, hotels, airfares, ferries, etc. which can be hard to do in a foreign country. 
- Keep in mind Tahiti is a French Colony with very little English spoken (merci and bon nui were our favorite phrases) 
- Credit card companies handle the exchange rates so in most places you can just charge it! This way you don't have to travel with a wad of Tahitian money, which is huge and does not fit in American wallets!.
-Moorea, while not as exquisite as Bora Bora, is still more exotic than Tahiti, and about $1000/person less than Bora Bora
-Take the ferry from Tahiti to Moorea, it's cheaper than flying. 
- Our honeymoon fell just at the beginning of April and we had fabulous weather. Summer in the South Pacific (November through April) is the wettest time of year and generally considered the "off season" for tourists. It was less expensive and we got lucky with only a few light showers. 
- The east side of the island was always cloud covered and raining when we were there (so don't stay there!)
- Don't forget ANYTHING or else you will pay. Matt forgot his flip-flops and sunglasses and the cost for these things were OUTRAGEOUS. A bottle of sunscreen was about $30.00. Ouch!
So, what do you think about Tahiti? 
Are you booking your next trip?
Thanks for having me Shelli! 
I had a great time sharing my trip of a lifetime! 
xo, Natalie
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  1. These pictures are all amazing!!! I have always wanted to go to Tahiti. The water is incredible!

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    Gorgeous pictures!!

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  5. This looks like a amazing trip, the destination is beautiful. Such an adorable couple!!

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    xx Ivana

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