Friday, June 10, 2011

Amber Interiors- Rainbow Brights...add color!

Hi a' la moders!! It's Amber from Amber Interiors. Since Shelli is deservedly off sunning herself and relaxing all her cares away, she has bravely asked me to make an appearance on her lovely bloggy. I am thrilled she invited me and will do my best to entertain you lovely a' la moder's with some guest post goodness and pretty pictures. I know I have some big boots to fill here but I am gonna give it a go and pray I don't disappoint. 

So, what shall we talk about?
Since summer is upon us how about we discuss color. As a designer I tend to gravitate towards bright punches of color to add depth and something interesting to each space. Clients always tell me they want there homes to have color...but when I bring out the pinks and oranges most of them flip out and end up with "safety" neutrals. Don't get me wrong, I think neutrals have their place in this world, but I think if you want color....then ADD color! 

You don't have to paint your walls turquoise blue to make a color statement. You can have white walls or even, dare I say, greige walls and still add color tastefully.

My biggest tip of advice for those scared to add some rainbow hues to there to just take BABY STEPS.
Start with pillows or accessories, then if you feel confident try a piece of furniture or a table lamp.

I always say, when in doubt just refer to the color wheel...yes that old chestnut.
Remember that color is your friend and a little bit won't hurt ya. 

Here are some real awesome examples of ways to infuse some chroma into your life as well as some images which may inspire you!!


Now for some rainbow rooms done right!

All images via my Pintrest

THANK YOU to Amber from AMBER INTERIORS for the amazeballs post and color pop!  
Isn't Amber super fun and talented?  She cracks me up all the while making me drool over interiors.  Go check out her blog.  


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the bright colors much to my husband's dismay. I've also been convincing my mom that bright pink and green can show up even in the most traditional of rooms! Such fun! xoxox

  2. loooove all the bright pillows! so fun. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Loved this post- Amber is so talented!! Adore rainbow brights:)

  4. Amber knows how to rock color, that is for sure. I love all these images!

  5. Love these bright beauties! I blogged about this yesterday! Happy weekend! xo

  6. Color pops are so fun! I love hot pink right now.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE rainbow rooms!!! And these are gorgeous. My favorites are numbers 7 and 8!!!


  8. What a great post! Love all the inspiring brights. I'm especially fond of the image with the pink couch...wowza!

  9. Throw pillows! One of my favorite ways to add that extra punch of color. Great pics!

  10. Pretty images. Love the throw pillows!


  11. I love all the color! Great post!


  12. I love color!! Then I blog stalk and see people using only white, and I like that as well! But, I'm always drawn back to color! I'm In the process of painting a side table navy blue and adding a gold knob. Can't wait! Btw I love all the pics.!

  13. I'm loving this color inspiration. I think the key to using brights is balancing with neutrals. Gorgeous!

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