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3 Secrets of Style: Sheridan French From The Southern Eclectic

3 Secrets of Style with Sheridan French
 Hey girls!!
When sweet Shelli asked me to do a guest post for her I was more than happy to contribute, especially when she told me her idea: since I am a fashion designer, instead of her regular three secrets of design post, I would do Three Secrets of Style. FUN!! Not gonna lie - it was tough to narrow down to just three, but I went with my very favorites that I hope everyone can relate to.

{Style Secret #1} Mix high end and low end pieces
Very few people can pull off the whole head to toe Chanel luncheon suit with pearls look. Even if you could, where's the fun or creativity in that? One of my favorite parts of dressing is mixing things up! A beautiful investment piece that you will literally wear for decades, such as an Oscar de la Renta blouse, paired with a more trendy skirt from Top Shopplus some Louboutins on your tootsies and earrings from Super Target is a perfect outfit. {Has to be Super Target, obviously. Best store on the planet.}

Cameron Diaz does this all the time on the red carpet, and who can forget the adorable homemade "Jen" necklace Brad wore with his Prada tux at the Emmy's once upon a day?

Ugh were they the best couple EVER or what?! Sads.

FYI: This rule applies when it comes to interior design as well.

{Style Secret #2} Invest in a great pair of bright pumps
I feel like so many people say the following: invest in a great white shirt, classic black pencil skirt and neutral pumps. But we want to be on the cover of Vogue, not in the pages of A Step by Step Guide to Looking as Boring as Possible. Are you with me? If I had to select my very favorite wardrobe piece - as I raved about in my Reader Q&A here - it would be my briiiiight green Miu Miu pumps.

Y'all, they go with EVERYTHING. For reals. Yellow skirts to blue dresses to jeans with a pink t-shirt. They were worth every penny. A bright pair of heels will instantly add a pop to any ensemble, particularly one with a classic vibe. I mean, hello LBD with some hot pink heels.

If you spend money on ONE thing in your wardrobe, make it this. I know justifying $500+ on shoes borders on insanity - I would be the mental institution's best patient - but they will last you for years.  You walk in and take over the room. Trust me, invest, and stop playing it safe! My favorite brands that I easily last me 5+ years of hard wear are Christian Louboutin and Miu Miu.

Again, with the interior design reference, too many people fall back on eggshell and beige. Amp it up ladies! See my living room on Quadrille here for proof that I do indeed practice what I preach!!

{Style Secret #3} Wear what YOU feel comfortable in
This is probably the most important secret of all. Too often I see young girls and women trying to jump on the current trend bandwagon, and they end up looking nothing but silly at the end of the day as the look they are after simply does not suit their own personal style. You like Lacoste shirts with white jeans and ribbon belts? By all means, stick to a preppy style. Are you more of a ripped jeans with leather jacket kind of gal? More power to ya. Or does your wardrobe tend to lend itself to boho-chic sundresses with huge Jackie O's and layers and layers of necklaces, Rachel Zoe style? Awesome! Trends come and go, but personal style endures forever. Now, this is not to say that one should never experiment - far from it! - but spend the time on finding your own style niche.

Whether that be cardigans and pearls or bellbottom jeans, if you are true to yourself your inner beauty will shine, and what could possibly be more stylish than that?

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at my own blog, The Southern Eclectic! I'd love for you to enter my current giveaway as well for a chance to get your hands on one of the goodies from my Spring 2011 Collection, found here. And thank you, Shelli, for such a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your readers!


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  1. Such a fun post . . I love the idea of having a bright colored pair of pumps! So cute.

  2. Great post! Love those McQueen heels!

  3. This was a great post. I've been over at her blog for awhile looking around. Now I want to find a fun pair of bright pumps...maybe hot pink!

  4. #2 is #1 for me... ha. As I've gotten older I value comfort over style more and more. Looking good just isn't worth being uncomfortable all day anymore.

    Sarah | Kids Clothing Designer