Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ross Radness- slipper chair

Lookie what my friend Melanie saw at Ross  for $119.99!
Love the gray and yellow combination and that quatrefoil print!    

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3 Secrets of Style: Sheridan French From The Southern Eclectic

3 Secrets of Style with Sheridan French
 Hey girls!!
When sweet Shelli asked me to do a guest post for her I was more than happy to contribute, especially when she told me her idea: since I am a fashion designer, instead of her regular three secrets of design post, I would do Three Secrets of Style. FUN!! Not gonna lie - it was tough to narrow down to just three, but I went with my very favorites that I hope everyone can relate to.

{Style Secret #1} Mix high end and low end pieces
Very few people can pull off the whole head to toe Chanel luncheon suit with pearls look. Even if you could, where's the fun or creativity in that? One of my favorite parts of dressing is mixing things up! A beautiful investment piece that you will literally wear for decades, such as an Oscar de la Renta blouse, paired with a more trendy skirt from Top Shopplus some Louboutins on your tootsies and earrings from Super Target is a perfect outfit. {Has to be Super Target, obviously. Best store on the planet.}

Cameron Diaz does this all the time on the red carpet, and who can forget the adorable homemade "Jen" necklace Brad wore with his Prada tux at the Emmy's once upon a day?

Ugh were they the best couple EVER or what?! Sads.

FYI: This rule applies when it comes to interior design as well.

{Style Secret #2} Invest in a great pair of bright pumps
I feel like so many people say the following: invest in a great white shirt, classic black pencil skirt and neutral pumps. But we want to be on the cover of Vogue, not in the pages of A Step by Step Guide to Looking as Boring as Possible. Are you with me? If I had to select my very favorite wardrobe piece - as I raved about in my Reader Q&A here - it would be my briiiiight green Miu Miu pumps.

Y'all, they go with EVERYTHING. For reals. Yellow skirts to blue dresses to jeans with a pink t-shirt. They were worth every penny. A bright pair of heels will instantly add a pop to any ensemble, particularly one with a classic vibe. I mean, hello LBD with some hot pink heels.

If you spend money on ONE thing in your wardrobe, make it this. I know justifying $500+ on shoes borders on insanity - I would be the mental institution's best patient - but they will last you for years.  You walk in and take over the room. Trust me, invest, and stop playing it safe! My favorite brands that I easily last me 5+ years of hard wear are Christian Louboutin and Miu Miu.

Again, with the interior design reference, too many people fall back on eggshell and beige. Amp it up ladies! See my living room on Quadrille here for proof that I do indeed practice what I preach!!

{Style Secret #3} Wear what YOU feel comfortable in
This is probably the most important secret of all. Too often I see young girls and women trying to jump on the current trend bandwagon, and they end up looking nothing but silly at the end of the day as the look they are after simply does not suit their own personal style. You like Lacoste shirts with white jeans and ribbon belts? By all means, stick to a preppy style. Are you more of a ripped jeans with leather jacket kind of gal? More power to ya. Or does your wardrobe tend to lend itself to boho-chic sundresses with huge Jackie O's and layers and layers of necklaces, Rachel Zoe style? Awesome! Trends come and go, but personal style endures forever. Now, this is not to say that one should never experiment - far from it! - but spend the time on finding your own style niche.

Whether that be cardigans and pearls or bellbottom jeans, if you are true to yourself your inner beauty will shine, and what could possibly be more stylish than that?

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at my own blog, The Southern Eclectic! I'd love for you to enter my current giveaway as well for a chance to get your hands on one of the goodies from my Spring 2011 Collection, found here. And thank you, Shelli, for such a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your readers!


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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Screened In Porch Update and Guest Posts

Please join me over at 
as I share my newly updated 
screened in porch
and a few nautical favorites!


Pop on over to Michaela's blog
where I am participating in her most fun series
"She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not"

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Our First Home- Atlanta-Kitchen and Den

see all of the interiors here
Too dark when I bought it

painted blue, added crown molding, stainless appliances and bamboo shade

changed out cabinet hardware, new faucet, added pendant lighting and cleaned up the decor, took out yellow
I never had the budget to change out the white laminate cabinets, but gutting the kitchen was on the list- I thought it could have a much better layout.  

Blah beige when I bought it

not sure what was going on here really, only pic I had
added crown molding and painted blue

added light and bright linen furnishings, rearranged the layout

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our First Home- Atlanta-Living Room and Dining Room

Well, I literally wanted to cry when I realized that I was in such a rush to pack and move, that I had NO pictures of the interior of our first home in Atlanta.  But, I remembered my trusty realtor, adorable Heyward Young, took a few pics!  He was super sweet, and emailed me what he had.  I also found the old pics that I took of the house when I was contemplating the purchase.  I thought they might make some fun before and afters to share with you guys.
Stats: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, full light basement with doors leading outside, double parking pad, HUGE double decker deck and wooded backyard

see all of the interiors here

You walk through the front door into the living room.  This is how it looked when I bought the house.  Yes, that is baby boy's room blue.  Ick.

apparently I went through a yellow stage

Here is the living room after new ivory paint and furnishings.  If we hadn't have decided to move, a new slate fireplace surrounding was going to replace the black original tile.  Some were cracked.  The doorway to the right leads to the den and the kitchen and basically the rest of the house, lol (stairway to the left of that doorway leads up to master floor, hall to the right of that doorway leads to guest bedrooms and full bath)

It was an odd rectangular shape and there was no foyer, but it was cozy nonetheless.  The buyers wanted to purchase all of the furniture, but I just couldn't do it.  In hindsight, I should have done it.  I really ended up buying mostly new pieces for the new house.  You will recognize the pieces I kept I bet =)

In this living room shot, you can see the original glass panel door out to the 'sleeping porch.'  It even had the original glass doorknob.  Here you can also see the arched doorway into the dining room.

Here's the dining room before I bought the house.  Yup, that's mauve pink folks.  Classic.

um, more yellow.

Here is the dining room after I got a hold of it.   Recognize a few things in here?  The doorway to the right leads to the kitchen and the den.  

Here is a really old icky iphone pic of the other side of the dining room.  

WHY did I NEVER take pictures??? 
Oh yeah, I had no kids and no blog.  
(ps- none of the draperies in the pictures were the 'real' curtain panels.  I knew typically the buyer asks for them and so I took my Belgian linen panels down and replaced them all with cheaper panels from the Potterybarn Outlet- sneaky, huh?)


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Tuesday's Turndown- The Zhush

Hi! I'm Sue from The Zhush, here to today to talk about one of my favorite bed!  I was recently talking to a friend of mine about extravagances...and it seems the best places to put your money are your shoes and your sheets, (because of all the time you spend either on your feet or sleeping)!  

So without further adieu, let's talk about sheets.  This photo here is of our vacation home in Vermont. These sheets here are by Matouk.  I have a penchant for greek keys AND for monograms, so these sheets are high on my list of favorites.  I also have a penchant for all white fact, our bed here in New York is made up almost the exact same way...

King Size
6 standard pillows
I long bolster
2 small boudoir pillows with monograms
Duvet cover

This is pretty much my go to bed "recipe".  Its simple and classic and as equally important...really easy to make up in the morning.

{The bed and night stands are from William Sonoma Home, the lamps are from Crate and Barrel}.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our First Home- Atlanta, Georgia

(see all of the interiors here)
As much as we LOOOOOOVE Nashville, we sometimes miss our little bungalow in Atlanta.  Do you ever watch Curb Appeal The Block (Atlanta) on HGTV?  They were in our neighborhood CONSTANTLY.  We lived in the coolest 'in town' neighborhood, Virginia Highlands, and we have many memories there.  It is where I found myself as a strong single career girl, where I met the love of my life, my best friend.  It is where we fell in love and the first house we lived in as a married couple.  It is where our precious baby girl was born.  We walked daily to the shops, the greatest restaurants, festivals, etc.  Ah, the memories.
This is what the house looked like the day I bought it.  I bought at the height of the market in 2005.  I called it the half million dollar shack.  Location, location, location.
The day I closed on the house I had it painted to this.
Ahhh, much better.
Unfortunately, there was still this.  UGH.  Oh, and you could only use the darn thing if you drive a mini cooper.  Not the X5 like I drove.  Pain.  In.  My.  Bootie.
Not to mention, a $50k fix.  Yeah, you read that right. Keep in mind I was single still too.  One income.
I was the #1 sales rep for St. Jude Medical that next year.  You would think I would have gotten LOTS of really FUN stuff that year.  Well, I got to do this. (and another project I'll show you later in the week)

YAY!  Much better.  The double parking pad was a HUGE luxury in our neighborhood, some houses in VH don't even come with parking- period.  You have to park on the street.
We added a water feature and fragrant plantings to enjoy from my favorite room in the house, the screened in porch.  This is super cool in a walking neighborhood.  Lots to see!
Man I miss those trees- the cherry tree and the magnolia the most.
new planters for the porch that need to be filled
Blue Agave succulents! 
New gas lanterns for the perfect finishing touch above the new granite stoop.

Our amazing realtor, Heyward Young, sold it in 3 hours and the rest is history! 
(you might recognize him from HGTV too!)
(sorry for all of the crappy iphone pics,
 they were all that I had, so sad!!)
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