Monday, May 2, 2011

Quatrefoil Madness

I am obsessed with quatrefoil designs lately.  It's even the name of a cool store, who knew?
Remember the tables from this post?
Um, hello, could I get any more geographic prints in my master bedroom?
It is a common element in Moorish and Gothic architecture, and apparently in Shelli's home as well.
The duvet cover came from here
Lookie what I found at ZGallerie!  (they have the drapery panels too!)

I love this simple lamp from Neiman Marcus, but the price tag? Not so much.
But not to worry, HomeGoods will have something like it at some point, ha ha.
Hello reasonably priced quatrefoil rug at Shades of Light....
(gray, beige and mocha charcoal colors available and a tiny bit cheaper than at Dash&Albert)
cool drumshade from Shades of Light
(they have them in pendants and wall sconces too!)
Can you tell I am newly obsessed with this store????
I also love these wool rugs from Garnet Hill!
Quatrefoil OUTDOOR rug, anyone?  Ballard Design
You knew I had to have a HomeGoods quatrefoil find up my sleeve too, right?  
(excuse my post workout look, hot, right?)
-Though this design is not new, it could be new to you!
-There are benefits to this, like being able to find it at a reasonable price point.....
-Don't forget to enter my Tetelesti pillow giveaway! (Its a good one!)


  1. You are so right. There are benefits to jumping on a trend train as it's heading down to Home Goods already, and that's just that: That it's heading down to Home Goods already. I love quartrefoils, but thought (just last night), when I saw the cutest little pair of quatrefoil shaped end tables there, "Too played." But who cares, I'm going back for them. Besides, they're just going in my 6 yr-old daughters room. I am however a little unsure about my client's wish to do the quatrefoil paper from Ballard in her nursery. Won't want that in my portfolio in a year....It's a fine line between trendy and à la mode ;-)

  2. ditto....I've been on the quatrefoil kick for a while. I have the garnet hill rug, and I considered that shades of light rug before getting my peacock rug. I was at a consignment store and came across the awesomest green 70s console with inset quatrefoils on the doors, but hadn't brought enough cash to buy it (and had nowhere to put it)...but I'm still kicking myself for not getting it.

  3. My Homegoods is right next to the gym, so that's how I always look when I'm there too:)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I especially love that mirror!


  5. Bold geometrics are always great to add a little modern edge. While quatrefoils have been around (obviously, they're a classic shape), if they speak to you, that's all that matters!

  6. I love quatrefoil....we are redoing our bedroom later this year & I really want to incorporate it! My nearest Home Goods is 40 minutes I dont get there as much as I want!

  7. I love the quatrefoil pattern. It has been the rage everywhere, especially in blogopshere! Oh, by the way, I loved the lamp from Neiman Marcus, I have seen it many times prior and I still very much in love with it. And all the quatrefoil rugs are a wonderful choice to add interest and patterns in any space because they are just so gorgeous!

    P/S: Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday. It brightens up my day. :) Maybe it's just my laptop, but all the pictures didn't load except for your bedroom picture and the mirror picture. I clicked all the links you provided to see all the images. :) Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Have a wonderful day, Shelli!


  8. I so wish we had a HomeGoods. I'm not able to see the photos either for some reason. Have a great week, Shelli!

  9. Holly's little shop is great (first link)!

    I'm a fan. Love the Dash and Albert rug. I almost used it in my nursery in the cream colorway... but decided against it.

  10. I'm trying to sell my sweet husband on the duvet cover :-) Did you get the Roche Harbor link? Hope it went through. -Jen

  11. Love me some quatrefoil! So chic! Thanks for sharing!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  12. I have seen the little side table there a few times.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  13. love that quartefoil from NM. Was just at a local home tour and the owner had two of those in a floor lamp-they were so beautiful! and you are soooo right- just wait a bit and they will show up at marshalls!!!

  14. I heart quartefoil and HomeGoods is home away from home. Happy Tuesday!

  15. As a Phi Mu, I'm sort of obsessed with the Quatrefoil. It's gorgeous, timeless, classy, and one of our official symbols! LIOB to all my Phi Mu sisters out there! And, sooo glad everyone is loving this chic design as much as we do! (:
    LIOB, KZ 664 (Barton)

  16. Love these! Especially love that mirror!