Friday, May 6, 2011

Guest Post- Pillow Surgery!

Hey yall!  I want you to 'meet' my friend Kristy from Hyphen Interiors.  She has great style, and keen eye, and sews to boot!  You may have seen her MAD skills around the blogosphere.  Why?  
Because she's AWESOME- and she PAINTED this fabric chair (see bottom pic)!  Check it out here.  
Oh, and remember this post?   Well, turns out Kristy was on the same wavelength and that lead to today's guest post! ENJOY!
Shelli and I have become email buddies.  We happen to have a real-life, non blog friend in common which is uber cool!  I love her style.  I adore the architecture in her home, the bench in her dining room, the zebra rug in the nusery and most everything in her home.  Her blog has taken off like wildfire and I’m so thrilled for her.

She and I both spotted the same pillow (below).
I told her I bought the pink and yellow version and ended up doing a little pillow surgery and cutting it in half.  She asked me to share what I did.

I found this cute pink and yellow pillow at Homegoods.  It’s a great large quatrefoil print.  Shelli and I both found these pillows at the same time. I loved the colors and the design.
Problem was, it wouldn’t fit in a chair. It’d be great on a bed or maybe a sofa, but way too big for a chair. So, I chopped it in half and made two pillows out of one.

Below I am getting ready to cut it in half. I had to prep the pillow by putting a line of fabric glue down the cut line. The fabric is a loose weave, so I didn’t want it fraying.  Ignore the chair that doesn’t go well with them, as it’s gone now!
I cut the pillow in half, removed the stuffing, turned them wrong side out, sewed up the majority of the cut side, flipped them back over, and re-stuffed them. And, here they are after the cut, but before I sewed the hole up.
And, closer up.
And, now that the hole is sewn up.
The pillows will ultimately go in my craft room which I’m currently working on.  
Above it is pictured in a painted chair in my master bedroom.   
Thanks for having me, Shelli!

*Go check out more of Kristy's fun blog here! TGIF!
*Don't forget to enter my Tetelesti pillow giveaway! (Its a good one!)


  1. You did a wonderful job on the "pillow surgery". I guess sometimes tweaking something is the only way to go to make things work for us. I really love the decorative pillow you chose, the colors are vibrant and punchy and oh, it goes so well with your blue wing back chair.

  2. LOVE the patterns on those pillows! the colors are great. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. I never thought about pillow surgery! I've seen so many pillows I know would go well on my chairs, but didn't bother buying them because they were too big. Maybe I am just too lazy, but this is a great idea! Thanks for passing it along!

  4. Didn't Kristy do a FAB job? She rocks!

  5. Aw, thanks for having me, Shelli!