Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Driftwood Chandelier from Blessed

Hey Ya'll!  Lookie what one of my creative readers, Shirley, from Blessed, sent me yesterday.  Didn't she do an awesome job?  And with 4 kids?  Thats EXTRA amazing!!!
Look at this gorgeous family!
Hi a' la mode readers!  I'm Shirley and Shelli asked me to share my driftwood chandelier with you.  It's been on my to-do list for a few years- the beaded chandelier! But wanting to make it my own,  I decided to make this DIY project a family affair, with the help of my four children and husband we made a trip to the beach and collected driftwood! Next we bought a drill press, something I've been coveting for years, and got to work!  

Here is how the project began:
I started with a skeleton of chandelier metal garden hanging basket

 Here are my supplies- 26 gauge wire, Pendant light kit, metal chain to hang the fixture, light fixture mounting bracket, bolt and loop, light fixture ceiling cap, black spray paint
My Chloe (2) helping me pick driftwood
Me choosing the best pieces I could find!!!
 Driftwood loot!!! Pick all sizes tiny, medium, large
 Stringing on the 26 gauge wire
 Fun part stringing the chandelier, once wiring and structure are all in place
 Sage my 11yr old using the drill press
 A few more 'after' pictures....

Another cool driftwood project I did with a spade bit, tea candles
Great job Shirley!
And a big thank you for sharing with us.
Head over to Blessed to keep up with Shirley and her fun DIY projects!


  1. hi, first time visitor here. this is so neat and creative!

    nice meeting you!


  2. absolutely Gorgeous!! Wonderful job, this really is amazing!

  3. Awesome chandelier, so creative!


  4. Amazing chandelier! It's fun to see that she has her daughters involved, too. That little Chloe is a doll! I think I need to wear my pink tutu while I am working on projects. Maybe I'd be more productive!

  5. What a great project! So beachy and casual, I love it!

  6. Wow! What an amazing chandelier. Love the look - reminds of the PB driftwood mirrors.

  7. Thanks everyone for your positive comments! Super fun, surprisingly easy project shoot me question if your brave enough to attempt!! Shirley

  8. Holy Toledo. That is fantastic. What a talent.

  9. This is heavenly!!! Wow...can't believe how much time and effort went into this. Great job!!

  10. Found your blog through Kirsten @ 6th Street Design School - you have a beautiful home and blog. That chandelier is awesome - nice job.

  11. I just discovered Shirley's blog recently, and I am so thrilled to see the guest post she did here, even though I also saw it on her blog. Love the drift wood idea! :-)

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