Sunday, May 8, 2011

Destination Inspiration: Africa (Kenya)

The trip of my life.  Literally.  My husband was in Tignes, France biking the Tour de France stages the day before the tour riders came through (with Harvard buddies).  I went to Kenya to help in an AIDS orphanage and go on safari with my friend Blanding for almost 3 weeks (booked a ticket last minute online over wine!).  Here I am with the newest AIDS baby addition to the orphanage and another sweet little girl who was my shadow- and loved my blonde hair.  SO PRECIOUS!!!
Not that long ago, children couldn't live with AIDS.  The meds they have now are amazing.
The cemetery on property at the orphanage was very sobering.  
The children dianosed with AIDS not only live happy lives now, but are being adopted! So cool!
Sweet babies eating their beans and rice for lunch
the most loving children.  ever. 
Behind the giraffes on the walking safari where "Out of Africa" was filmed.  
huts built on the land 
Hiking Hell's Gate National Park (we had a guide)
Children on the Masai Mara
The Maasai tribe 
Warning:  Dizziness ahead. (Do you hear me ask our friend's daughter Lilly if she wants to dance?  I'M FINE she says quickly, hilarious.)
Our tent on safari at the Governor's Camp (oh, and there was a snake in our bathroom one morning)
Yeah, that scared.  me.  to.  death. 

Baby elephants!

heaven on earth 
riding back to camp
you don't want to know what he was doing- it was mating season- the call it
 "the love season"
our camp at night (we had to boat across)

This video is the story of my life- of COURSE my battery is dying up on the Masai Mara
I won't be taking up filming anytime soon, I promise.

-For info on the Governor's camp safaris on the Masai Mara click here
-We stayed at the Little Governor's camp- HIGHLY recommend it! So quaint and beautiful!
-We saw the "Big Five" which was incredible and sometimes missed (no guarantees) - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.  (We finally saw the leopard on the final day at camp.  Scary and incredible all at the same time.  Our land rover stayed quite a distance for this one compared to the other animals.)


  1. I've been following your blog for about a month now and was too shy to leave a comment. Until now.

    What a wonderful post and a truly worthy cause! So very moving and so apt for Mother's Day. I'm a British born African and it always warms my heart to know that people like you care enough to actually go there in person to help make a difference. I'm humbled and inspired in equal measure.

    Love your blog, by the way!

  2. I am a Nashville/Brentwood girl and we have to meet soon! Love your blog!
    XO KJ

  3. Gorgeous - I was moved to tears reading about the orphanage. We're heading to Africa for 16 days at the end of the year. I'm already counting down. PS Love your blog! I bought the Echelon bedding you posted about...paid $25 to have it shipped to this American girl in London since I have a hard time finding things like this.

  4. My daughter is currently in the Peace Corps in Africa and I had to laugh after reading about how the children you worked with loved your blond hair. My daughter received the same reaction, along with a few that were afraid of her because of her coloring. When she travels to different villages she said the children swarm over her and other PC Volunteers wanting to touch them. She said it feels like the Paparazzi.
    She has sent us many photos of her time there so far - many of the images look like they are right out of National Geographic.

    Thanks for posting about your wonderful trip and worthy cause.

    My best-Diane

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  6. What an incredible trip that must have been! My heart goes out to those children, and I hope every one of those beautiful faces gets adopted into a loving home

  7. what an amazing trip! Africa is definitely a place I hope to visit one day!

  8. I bet this was a trip of a lifetime! It looked awesome. We need more people like you to help out with the children who are parentless. God bless you.


  9. Wow- definitely a trip you will never forget. I bet you think of those children so often, wondering how they are doing now. They are so precious.

  10. Please...that must have been an incredible trip. Maybe a little life changing :)

  11. Wow!! You are as awesome as your style! What touching photos. Your heart must swell with pride even though you commited on a buzz! LOL!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day