Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Destination Inspiration: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Of all of our travels (pre baby we had a vacay almost every month- work hard, play hard was our motto), the resort with the most AMAZING service was definitely The Tides Riviera Maya.  We were so impressed.  The staff made you feel like you were the only vacationers on the property.  We have plans to try The Tides Zihuatanejo soon.  We have a feeling the service will be amazing at ALL of their properties!
The property has a secluded jungle feel.  There really are no beachfront palapas here.  The resort has a much more private existence.  You take a little trail to get to your palapa.  This gorgeous plunge pool surrounded by vegetation is all yours right in front of your HUGE sliding doors to your palapa.  The whole point is to bring the outside in, and this right here becomes your view.  Note you can NOT see any other huts.  There is even a rope to close off your property so you can let the staff know you would not like to be bothered.  The pool is heated in the winter.  Heaven.
This is what is behind the sliding doors to your little slice of paradise.  The thatched roof is insane and the interior is quite modern and plush.  The bed looks out to your pool and jungle view.
We had a standing service of coffee and sweet rolls at 8 am every morning.  My hubs got up early this day, but it is usually hot and waiting for you as you wake up.  They leave it in warming containers on your little porch by your pool.
 The trails to your palapa are filled with man made waterfalls, bridges and creeks, for gorgeous visuals and sounds that will lull you right to sleep!
Reading nooks are everywhere.  Great spots for bird watching too!
They serve an amazing four course candlelit dinner (THE CUISINE IS INCREDIBLE) on the beach if you would like, but we are hermits and usually did room service while we read books (nerds) in the hut. 
 Notice that you really don't see other people in any of the shots.  And this is high season (February)....there are so many beach beds (beach, pool etc) that you really never see a soul!  It also helps that the staff calls you by name EVERY time they see you.  How do they remember???
Every morning when you head to the beach, the staff (while somehow remembering your name) sets up a shaded beach bed and a sun beach bed for you.  They serve you INSANE margaritas and the best gourmet nachos you have ever tasted.  Their menu is to die for.  Not just your average mexican fare.  It always has a twist. Yummo!
-We have found that the best time to travel to the Riviera Maya is December, January or February.
-For more pics click here
-The spa is amazing.  Book everything you can.
-The food is ALL good.  Try it all!
-Look for specials.  We got a great last minute deal and it included spa treatments.  Nice!
-Rates and Reservations here
-Book their driver to pick you up at the airport.  He brings Pacifico and champagne.  Good stuff.


  1. Oh wow this looks amazing!!

  2. Um yeah. I need this vacation. We haven't had a tropical getaway since our babymoon in 2008. :( 5 year anniversary is this year and we're debating between NY and Mexico. :)

  3. @Lisa- I'm jealous of an impending beach trip!! yay for you!! If you decide on mexico, lemme know....I swear we have the whole country scoured for the best spots and have been to most (it was always an easy trip for us out of Atlanta, direct). Have you checked out my post from Azulik in Tulum, Mexico (we went 2 months ago)? Great resort too! Keep me posted on where you go! So I can REALLY be jealous, lol!

  4. wow, looking at these photos has definitely inspired me to jump on some travel websites and find a perfect vacay. looks like paradise.

  5. The Riviera Maya is my favorite place to go. We love the Palace resorts.