Saturday, April 30, 2011

Salivating over Spring Bags

...and its all Megan's fault!  What am I teasing talking about?  My bloggy friend Megan over at Honey Were Home got me drooling over SPRING BAGS (her post a cpl days ago)!  I thought, I need one too! budget is pretty firm as I have been spending on our home lately.  Could I do it for $50???  Mimi watched baby K for a little bit yesterday, and so I headed out to my favorite haunt, HomeGoods/TJMaxx.  Where else, right?
Megan posted this bag today and it has been on my favorite list for a while at Kate Spade. $295, it really isn't in my budget.  What was my takeaway from this pic?  I would like a bag with fun bright colors for spring and I like the shape.  Wanna see what I purchased?
Not bad, eh?  Especially for $19.99! (manufacturer's tag was $75!)
It is flax linen and kelly green patent leather and the brand is emilie m
And, since I saved so much money.....I got a wristlet too!
 (my husband calls it funny money when you say you 'saved' money 
but you really still 'spent' money but what does he know, right?)
Sequoia $24.99
Did you notice the yellow patent leather tassel on my new bag?
It is actually one of these little doo dads I bought for $2.99
I thought it would be fun to switch it out for a different color combo.  
They had matching wallets too!
(I may or may not have gotten a couple since they were only $7.99, hee hee.)
Baekaard tassels $2.99 (manufacturer tag $18)
Baekaard patent leather wallets $7.99 (manufacturer tag $38)
-You CAN find the look for less, you just have to sometimes be willing look a little harder!  And just 'falls' into your shopping cart!


  1. Sometimes I find the BEST deals at TJ Maxx and it looks like you beat me to it! That purse is very cute for Spring though...Love all the great colors you selected :) Might have to stop by a few shops tomorrow. Hope you're having a great weekend friend!

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!! I just discoverd your blog , from Kristin's blog! I am in love with your blog! YOUR OFFICE is perfect !!!! I am going to paint my dining room the same pink .
    Can not wait to keep reading !
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Oh, I love your new bag, Shelli! It's perfect for spring and summer. The kelly green is a great pop of color. You did well on price!

  4. Cute bag! It's on my list of things to hunt for - I need a new one.

  5. You done good, girl! You can go ahead and send me some of your options... k thanks : )

  6. my husband calls it "making money." as in, "you got that $75 bag for $25? you just made $50!" hahaha

  7. I love that bag! Wish we had a TJ Maxx here in Sweden so I could go out "making money" as well ;)
    I just discovered your blog, from Megans blog and I must say I love everything about it. Looking forward to some very inspiring reading.

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