Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Odeedoh Find and a Nursery Feature

Look at these AMAZING circus poufs that Ohdeedoh is featuring today! 
Apparently they made from REAL vintage circus tents!  Wow!
I mean, seriously, think of the nursery you could put together just based up this one cool item for inspiration!!!!  You can buy one at Twinkle Twinkly Little One ($185)

And does this gorgeous rustic modern nursery by Atlanta designer, Sherry Hart, make you as happy as it makes me?  Mande bought hers at Authentique in Inman Park for all of my Atlanta readers!
Look at all of the fun elements in baby Jake's Room!! Are you dying over the barn doors and the abacus? Genius.


  1. I have seen this nursery designed by Sherry in her blog and it's still one of the best nursery I have ever seen. I really like how she mixed the rustic with the modern with the traditional. Her style is so refreshing!

    I have been loving this abacus for a long, long time and I instantly recognized it. It's from CB2, one of my favorite store!

  2. @J, yes I LOVE Sherry's blog! I have emailed back and forth with Mande (this is her son's room) and she lives right by my old house in Atlanta. We plan to do a shopping trip together sometime when I go back to visit, FUN! And yes, don't you LOVE the abacus, CB2 is a fab place for unexpected finds, I did put a hyperlink to CB2! Thanks for the comment today =) xoxo I'm comin over to visit in a minute!

  3. I love her nursery! I love how original it is and all those little details just make me swoon! I didn't know I wanted an abacus until now!!
    BTW, love your home! I'm currently using your living room as inspiration for mine!

  4. So adorable!! I love Inman Park- in fact, I'm going to the IP Festival this Saturday!! : )

  5. Gorgeous! Love it! Just found your blog and let me say, I love your daughter's precious nursery and your master bedroom!!!!!

  6. I love it! I'm using that cross hatch fabric in my new master bedroom!

  7. The abacus is so fun! And I'm still loving the pouf!

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