Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MORE lumbar love....

I ran across this cute blog, Meditations on Life and Style, a few weeks ago and really liked this fabric in the upper left hand corner of her blog header (the silver and gold one).  I had it on my list to email her and ask her where she found this fabric swatch.  Since she is a designer (in Atlanta), I am not sure if it is a trade only fabric.  I'll email her and see if she can answer that question for me.....

In the meantime.....
Lookie what I found once again when I was stalking shopping at Homegoods!

Just like yesterday's pillow --  $24.99!  
(and if you look closely to yesterday's pillow, these beauties were right behind it, lol)

-If you stalk around like me, you might find the pillow for a LOT less than buying the fabric and having it made.
-when you pass the bargain stores, POP IN!  (Thats the phrase I use with my husband...'I'm just gonna pop in')


  1. People email me about that fabric all of the time! It's by Waverly but SO HARD to find anymore! Consider yourself lucky--2 already made pillows in that print from HomeGoods? The move to Nashville has paid off! :)

    Thanks for the email and the links, I appreciate it!


  2. Gorgeous pillows! I LLLLLLLOVE Home goods!
    -Hollie :)

  3. No way ! Same pattern as my give away different colors. Fingers crossed Baby K wins!