Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have a few minutes of kiddo free time yesterday (thank you mimi) and after a grueling hour of hip hop dance (uh-huh) and an hour with trainer Tina (why don't I look like a super model after all of that), I headed over to my second home. Anthropologie. I live in the sale section if you ever want to stop by and say hello. I thought I would start you off with a picture of something that I couldn't afford, don't have a place for, but wanted. Random chairs...I have a sickness.

To add to the sickness, my heart literally starts racing when I see this section in the store. Knobmania.

I actually have a routine when I go in. Weird? Probably. But whatev. I go to the home decor sale room last. Because its the sweet spot, hello. And also where my shopping basket fills up.
Lookie what I got. Uh huh. For $2.95 each. See? I need to be put a special home for decoristas gone mad.

Here is a sneak peak of where some of the knobs landed. Stay tuned.

They are on sale online too. Get you some. And email me pics of where you put them. =)

I bought:
I didn't buy but also wanted:


  1. That chair looks a bit familiar x2 if your danish chairs get another redo.

  2. You're not the only one! I also have a thing for chairs right now. Especially retro ones- that one in particular! What a great find! I probably couldn't afford it either, but a girl can dream!