Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Imperial Trellis Trio

I found this image here and I really like this little space. I would like to have it in my home for a spot of tea. Okay, so I don't have a spot of tea. Ever. But I might if I had this little room. I love the pops of turquoise and sunny yellow. I love how the solids are mixed with the imperial trellis print on the little stool.

Speaking of this little stool.....let us ponder imperial trellis for just a few minutes. If you want to explore further, there are about a million other blogs that have explored this subject on a deeper level with TONS of images. I just wanna have a moment of it.

I really love these imperial trellis pillow from etsy. The shop, Plum Cushion is a little pricier, but their pillows are corded, double sided, and use the real Kelly Wearstler fabric, and she has LOTS of good options. Worth the extra cost in my opinion. You should check it out.

Aren't these little Danish chairs cute? I bought them a decade ago at this HUGE warehouse antique (junk) mall here in downtown Nashville with my bestie, Kate. I paid $20 each for them. Their seats have been more fabrics than you can imagine and I SOOO wish I had some pics of their past. It would really show my style through the past decade. Bummer.

Yes, it is probably a little TOO visible in the design world, but how much do you love Kelly Wearstler's imperial trellis? I bought this fabric last summer on ebay and had NO idea it was so 'in.' I just thought it was cool. It was pricey. It is the real deal, not a knock off. Turns out, a bajillion others already knew it was cool. Ha. Uh, and if I would have known, I would have bought one of the knock offs for A LOT less.....

They are currently in my dining room flanking my buffet. I think they die in the space. Where should I put them???

-For some really gorgeous pillows that are at a price point we all will love, visit
-Also, visit this awesome blog, Honey We're Home. It is my favorite blog right now
(check out her closet) and she is doing a giveaway from Milk and Cookies! I entered, and so should you! Hurry, it ends on Friday! (she is also offering a 10% off discount code, nice!)


  1. What about putting these chairs in an entry hall, maybe tucked in between a console? I would also add a pair of matching nice square orange/green/ pink (any bright colors will do)toss pillow on both chairs to brighten it up.

    By the way, your comments on my blog really cracked me up! You mentioned how we are both "design freaks" and often "see each other" in other people's blogs commenting away. It makes us sound more like "blog stalkers" (which I admit) rather than "design freaks". Hahaha. I told my husband about your comment and he had a laugh, too!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Love the deal you got on those chairs. I'm always looking for a furniture deal!
    Your daughter is absolutely adorable! They grow fast!

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