Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fill your basket without emptying your wallet.....

This sweet little bunny's face is going to be on K's tee shirt (with her name too) and paired with little denim shorts (or jeans) for her FIRST Easter egg hunt! We are SOO excited!! I cannot believe Easter is going to be here soon!

Here is the Easter Bunny's spread for Kendall this year. Last year she was only a cpl months old, so she didn't get to enjoy it much. I headed to my office and busted out the monogramming machine to detail some of these Easter finds. I was pretty pleased with how the apron and the hooded beach towel turned out!

Here is a closer peek into Kendall's basket. There's certainly an abundance of goodies in there but since she is 14 months old and doesn't eat candy treats, we had to go with items that work for her age. You know I got them all at great prices, so I'll detail that down below in the FYI.

How cute is this basket??? I love how her monogram is on the grograin and you can't see in this picture, but the basket has the cutest hot pink lining inside.

You can't really see it because it is folded up so small, but tucked in her basket is this sweet pinwheel dress. I found it on etsy at such a good price and the colors and this fabric saw me right to the checkout screen. I am really excited to put K in some fun spring summer dresses as soon as weather permits (ugh, certainly not LAST week.....brrrr!)

When I was pregnant with K, I became obsessed with monogrammed items for her (who, me??). So, what is a pregnant girl who is nesting with lots of time on her hands in the evening (I couldn't exercise per doc's orders) to do???? Monogram! Yes, ladies and gentleman, I went out and bought a monogramming machine. It's FUN (when you're in the mood for it)...... Though I don't have as much time on my hands now, I still like to use the machine when I can. The weekends (when Daddy is home to help with K) are good days for monogramming.

-The hooded beach towel is from TJMaxx ($9.99)
-K's Easter basket ($25)and her Easter bunny tee ($28) are from The Pink Giraffe --I ADORE this website! Check out their Easter goodies, sooooo cute! (*UPDATE: K's easter basket sold out today, so the link to her basket is no longer valid)
-The green gingham apron ($3) and the pinwheels ($.50) are from Hobby Lobby in the 50% off Easter section
-The hot pink bunny ($5) and the yellow bunny pjs ($12.50) are from Old Navy (I also used 30% off coupon)
-The chick and bunny rubber ducks ($2.50) are from Joann fabric and craft store in the 50% off Easter section
-The North American Bear Co. yellow chick mini purse and rattle are from TJMaxx ($2.99 each)
-The blabla dolls are from Tiny Birds Organic Baby at 30% off using the code BLABLA
-The blue pinwheels pillowcase dress is from etsy ($14.99)

Here is my little bunny last year (in Destin, FL)- she didn't love those bunny ears very much!

Her Easter basket from last year had a lot of fun goodies that are keepsakes now, feels like yesterday, yet feels like forever ago........

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  1. Love the monogram! I want one of those machines or just to live near someone like you. :) I LOVE that you got a moose head this week. Can't wait to see it!

  2. What kind of monogramming machine do you own?

  3. So cute!!! Our babes must be about the same age:)

  4. How envious I am of your monogramming machine!! Love the pinwheel dress. :)

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :)

  5. what type of monogramming machine do you have?