Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter egg (crate) hunt....another Anthropologie find!

Oh Anthropologie, how I adore you so......
I just LOVE this little farmer's egg crate.....and for only $14 (I get excited when I covet something of theirs that I can actually afford without saving up!)

I have lots of plans for you, little egg crate. I dream of you holding my earrings and some rings. I plan on you making my jewelry collection look organized and dreamy (you know, like the store where you came from).

Can't you just imagine all the trinkets you'd put in this little gem?

And then, while shopping the 50% off Easter section at Joann craft and fabric store, I spotted THIS.....

For only....wait for it....$3.99!

I actually like the size because it is a little smaller (and if you need more space just buy two, it is still less cash-ola than the Anthro!)

The color is a little more robin's egg blue, and they also had a creamy white and light yellow. All pretty. All $3.99!

One of my college friends, Amy, emailed me this pic today. She has one of those GORGEOUS see thru refrigerators and so she actually displays her eggs with her crates. Genius and practical all at the same time! Only Amy could have 9 kiddos (yes, you read that right), look like a super model, AND have a beautifully decorated refrigerator! Envious? Absolutely.

-I have learned that the craft stores like Michaels, JOANN, and Hobby Lobby have a lot of trendy look alikes, go scope it out. You don't have to sew or even craft to find good things in these places!
-JOANN and Hobby Lobby put tend to put their holiday items on clearance a cpl weeks before the holiday while Michaels tends to wait until right after the holiday! Happy hunting!
-Email me when you find good stuff, I wanna see!!

Apparently I need to find a better container for the Q- tips!
Happy Monday from my little mess maker!


  1. Who doesn't love a good bargain? Awesome find!!

  2. Am loving your site! Just found you via Spearmint Baby's Blogging 101 post (it works to make comments!) haha :)

    I'm a new blogger too - it quickly becomes obsessive doesn't it?!
    henry happened

  3. I have seen the knock-off versions in JoAnn Fabric and they are so, so cute. Great buy!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment today. :)

  4. In Anthropologie that is not a commodity - then the most coveted item!))

  5. I just saw your comment on Holly B's blog, and decided to click over since you posted your blog's URL. This is such a happy find...I actually think your little 9-egg piece is way cuter than the bigger anthro one, way to go!

  6. I used two of these last year for my Easter table, Love them!!! I used bright pops of yellow, it was a fun table to do!!! Also they look great in the fridge!!