Monday, April 25, 2011

Doting on Rikshaw Design

How stinking cute is this outfit (and this picture for that matter)???  I want the whole thing for K.
I mean, could bloomers GET any cuter????
 I love the kurta and sun hat too!!!
This is sweet baby K last summer in her kurta and bloomers, on the way to the pool!
Where did my 'baby' go??? 
I ADORE the blankets too!

uh, huh, there's diaper pouches too...
Such cool bedding..... the. pillows.

-I discovered Rikshaw Design in Atlanta at this adorable boutique, B Braithwaite.  I pretty much bought out the store when I was pregnant.  I also had a J-O-B, lol.  
-Her items are inspired by her travels and the art of Indian blockprinting- super soft, not to mention gah-geous dahling. So boho-chic!
-They also have women's clothing too!  So chic for the summer wardrobe!  I want!
-Read about the founder, Catherine Fitzsimmons here
-Catherine has a blog, I'm a follower, bet you would like it too! (maybe she'll read this and do a giveaway for you guys!)


  1. Love Rikshaw, she's currently running a mother's day special too :)

  2. Okay, those bloomers ARE to die for!

  3. thans so much for the mention! love your little girl all dressed up fo rthe pool!so sweet!

  4. Where did you get those shoes in the picture in her car seat? Those have to be the cutest baby shoes I have ever seen! I would buy them for my 11 month old girl in a heart beat!

  5. Ralph Lauren baby shoes!! They are the cutest!!!

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