Friday, April 15, 2011

BENCHmarked design....

(crappy iphone pic, sorry)

I ran (literally, as I am always pushing the clock these days) into P.D's last week just for a quick tour......and saw this. This bench and I had a moment together. It was a Saturday and the large pieces of furniture are usually picked over by then (they are open Wed-Sat)...but there she was, tucked under a table in the back corner. I had to have it, wasn't sure where I was going to put it (its pretty long) but, had to have it nonetheless. It didn't hurt that it retails for over $1000 and I bought it for $499.

Wanna see where she ended up?

It was meant to be. A perfect fit. What do you think?


  1. VERY cool! Looks gorgeous!

  2. Perfect bench! Such fabulous find, Shelli!

  3. hmmm...yea...that's a beautiful piece :)

  4. I read your blog a few weeks back when you told about P.D.'s. My husband and I went to Nashville for our anniversary last weekend and I made him drive me down to find PD's. It was WONDERFUL!!! I am in love with that store. We were also in there on Saturday and I told the girls we were from AL and I had read someone's blog who mentioned the store so we put it in the GPS and there we were. We of course stocked up on items, but wanted more. Thank you for telling everyone about that store. I can't wait until my next trip up there. Franklin was such an adorable town.

  5. hi! so glad you found my blog. nice to "meet" you:) and thanks so much for your sweet comment. i got h's bench from 2 years ago.

    ps. tell ericka that i am pink giraffes #1 fan. hehe.



  6. Thanks yall! I'm a little giddy over it. Is that weird? ha ha

    @Tiffany- O.M.G the girls at PDs TOLD ME ABOUT YOU!! Um, does that tell you how often I stalk that store, I go religiously every Wednesday at noon!! lol! Too funny! The owner Shari and I blab forever ever time I go in and I always feel like I am making them behind, lol....

    Thank you to you all for reading, truly!! xoxo Shel

  7. @Grace, THANK YOU for sharing the info!! And yes, I too am obsessed with TPG! Ill be stopping by your blog often!

  8. Perfect fit - I love it :O)
    A xx

  9. reminds me of Isabella and Max dining table arrangement!