Saturday, April 30, 2011

Salivating over Spring Bags

...and its all Megan's fault!  What am I teasing talking about?  My bloggy friend Megan over at Honey Were Home got me drooling over SPRING BAGS (her post a cpl days ago)!  I thought, I need one too! budget is pretty firm as I have been spending on our home lately.  Could I do it for $50???  Mimi watched baby K for a little bit yesterday, and so I headed out to my favorite haunt, HomeGoods/TJMaxx.  Where else, right?
Megan posted this bag today and it has been on my favorite list for a while at Kate Spade. $295, it really isn't in my budget.  What was my takeaway from this pic?  I would like a bag with fun bright colors for spring and I like the shape.  Wanna see what I purchased?
Not bad, eh?  Especially for $19.99! (manufacturer's tag was $75!)
It is flax linen and kelly green patent leather and the brand is emilie m
And, since I saved so much money.....I got a wristlet too!
 (my husband calls it funny money when you say you 'saved' money 
but you really still 'spent' money but what does he know, right?)
Sequoia $24.99
Did you notice the yellow patent leather tassel on my new bag?
It is actually one of these little doo dads I bought for $2.99
I thought it would be fun to switch it out for a different color combo.  
They had matching wallets too!
(I may or may not have gotten a couple since they were only $7.99, hee hee.)
Baekaard tassels $2.99 (manufacturer tag $18)
Baekaard patent leather wallets $7.99 (manufacturer tag $38)
-You CAN find the look for less, you just have to sometimes be willing look a little harder!  And just 'falls' into your shopping cart!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Guest post and a thank you!

Happy FRIDAY!!!!  
Today I am guest posting over at Decor Chick!  
Thank you for having me Emily, your blog is so fun and inspires me to be more DIY!
(My hubs says I am more DIFM) Ha!

Thank you Kristin for the beautiful feature today!

Devils in the details....

I'm a total freak about details.  I'm like this with every event, party, etc.  It didn't change when it came to my wedding or when I had a baby.  Yep, still a freak.  My hand painted parasol (bought solely for a photo prop), was from Pamela's Parasols.  I see now that my pic is actually featured on her website.  Hmm, didn't know that, lol.  Anyway, she does gorgeous work!
My husband and I married in a small intimate affair of family and friends on the beach in Corolla, NC.  Otherwise known as the OBX.  It was gorgeous and the perfect laid back affair.  Everyone wore flax linen and/or white.  All of our attendant's clothing came from JCrew and so did my dress!  We also bought JCrew straw fedora hats for the guys.  It was perfect for a beach wedding, and yes, we got in the ocean in our wedding attire!  You only live once right?
I wore these gorgeous flip flops to my wedding and they still sell them at Saks.  Oh, and yes, I am aware that my shoes cost more than my wedding dress.  Hey, it was my day people, lol.  I think it is a great way to have special wedding shoes but yet still have a beachy feel! (excuse the blister and the ugly commercial grade carpet, I took this in the restaurant, ha)

Here are some of the details that I found during my wedding process that I think you might enjoy.  
How cute are these little cermic bowls to put your new rings in after your big day???? Say Your Piece makes these for $10 each!
Um, how stinkin' cute are these? With your  names and wedding date on the back!
And hello, super cute bridesmaids gifts!  At $5 a pop.  Nice, esp in your wedding colors!
Might as well put your attendant gifts in personalized bags, right?  Go big or go home.  Here is another company that makes them too, super cute!
These seriously might be the cutest most unique wedding cake toppers ever!  This shop, Milk Tea, made my daughter's birthday topper and she does the most detailed phenomenal work! 
In these personalized printed favor bags?  Yes, please!
Who doesn't love a personalized straw for your outdoor wedding?
LASTLY, FOR FUN....and a keepsake
This keychain is a super fun way to remember the day 
(not that you'd forget, but you get the idea)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red Radness

Remember this post
 Well, I am trying to add some more color to the I ordered.....
K was VERY intrigued!
I can't wait to see how they work in my outdoor space!
One of my FABULOUS readers, Modern Maizy told me about them, after seeing this post!
They are from Overstock and were $189.99 (for ALL FOUR)!
-One of my other blog besties, blueprint bliss, found these at World Market for $99 each!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Customize and monogram your email- FREE!

I am GIDDY to share this post with you.  
My friend Eliza shared this with me today and you HAVE to go check this out!

I mean, your email design by Trina Turk?  Genius!
They have a BAZILLION different layouts, fonts, motifs, etc.
Right now they are FREE!
Go get you one right here!

Blog Love- Kelly's Korner

Kelly\I don't know if I have ever shared this, but I attended Ouachita Baptist University for 2 years before transferring to Belmont University here in Nashville, TN.  OBU is a small liberal arts university and was filled with some INCREDIBLE people.  One of those people was Kelly Martin Stamps.  The school was small enough for us to know 'of' each other, but I never got to know Kelly well.  I sure wish I could go back and spend time getting to know her!  She is genuine, has an incredibly sweet spirit and lives a life that is inspiring to others. We have since 're' connected on facebook as we both entered into motherhood! 
When I started reading her blog (from a facebook link) I didn't even know what a blog was!  I know, I know, get with it Shelli.  Well, I did, and now I'm here (a few years later).  

Thank you to sweet Kelly for the feature on my two favorite rooms in my home- my pink office and K's nursery!

Go check out Kelly's blog and you will see why she has a following like NO OTHER.  

Burlap Beauties

Lookie what I saw at the Nashville Flea Market!  I LOOOOOVE these burlap covered benches.  They did an antiqued gold leaf treatment to the legs and they are GORG.  Where can I get some burlap with these AWESOME color stripes????
Ya'll, I have WAY TOO MANY random benches (goes along with my random chair addiction) but I so wanna get on craigslist and get a bench and make one, don't you???
Mini burlap beauties!  Me want!
-I may not want to sit on it, but I sure do love lookin' at it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank you ohdeehdoh and Somewhat Simple for the features!

Last night I received and email from Roni at Apartment Therapy letting me know she had come across my blog and would be sharing Kendall's nursery today- a thrill for this new blogger for sure =)  Happy Tuesday! 

See the entire feature here

Thank you also to Stephanie from Somewhat Simple for the home tour feature today! 

Odeedoh Find and a Nursery Feature

Look at these AMAZING circus poufs that Ohdeedoh is featuring today! 
Apparently they made from REAL vintage circus tents!  Wow!
I mean, seriously, think of the nursery you could put together just based up this one cool item for inspiration!!!!  You can buy one at Twinkle Twinkly Little One ($185)

And does this gorgeous rustic modern nursery by Atlanta designer, Sherry Hart, make you as happy as it makes me?  Mande bought hers at Authentique in Inman Park for all of my Atlanta readers!
Look at all of the fun elements in baby Jake's Room!! Are you dying over the barn doors and the abacus? Genius.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Doting on Rikshaw Design

How stinking cute is this outfit (and this picture for that matter)???  I want the whole thing for K.
I mean, could bloomers GET any cuter????
 I love the kurta and sun hat too!!!
This is sweet baby K last summer in her kurta and bloomers, on the way to the pool!
Where did my 'baby' go??? 
I ADORE the blankets too!

uh, huh, there's diaper pouches too...
Such cool bedding..... the. pillows.

-I discovered Rikshaw Design in Atlanta at this adorable boutique, B Braithwaite.  I pretty much bought out the store when I was pregnant.  I also had a J-O-B, lol.  
-Her items are inspired by her travels and the art of Indian blockprinting- super soft, not to mention gah-geous dahling. So boho-chic!
-They also have women's clothing too!  So chic for the summer wardrobe!  I want!
-Read about the founder, Catherine Fitzsimmons here
-Catherine has a blog, I'm a follower, bet you would like it too! (maybe she'll read this and do a giveaway for you guys!)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


So if you haven't noticed, I may or may not have an addiction to the color pink

I mean, who doesn't love Easter napkins?  Thanks HomeGoods.  

more napkins for the festivities!

Don't you just love flowers in a mason jar?

The spread is starting to arrive from the kitchen.....mmmm.....

My friend Mandy brought the most DELICIOUS salad!

TULIPS.  My most favoritest flowers EVER.  (Pretend that's a word.)  

Isn't that the cutest little Easter Egg Hunter you've ever seen???

She didn't really want much to do with the basket.  Just the eggs. 

The goods.  
This Easter Bunny is exhausted. 
 Most importantly,
Thank you Jesus, for the ultimate sacrifice.