Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whats in my secret chest? Another obsession.....

Looks like a normal chest of drawers right? It sits in my bedroom quite plainly, but it has a secret. It's not filled with things like socks, pjs, work out clothing or anything of the sort. It holds one of my favorite things of all things material in this CHARISMA bed linens. Yes folks, I am obsessed (see below)....

It all started years over a decade ago. My bestie Kate and I would shop this cool place in Nashville that I've mentioned before, P.D.'s. They have cool furniture, accessories and back then.....Charisma bedding (all at a BIG discounted price). It was pretty and soft so we would buy it when we could. I slept in a queen back then, and have most of that Charisma bedding to this day. It never yellowed and just grew softer and softer. Over the years, when I graduated to a king size bed, my house guests would ALWAYS comment on the linens on the queen bed. "Who makes those sheets?" "Wow, those are the softest sheets I've ever slept on!" "Where did you get them?" I was always amazed by it. They feel even better than my kings sets because they haven't been washed as many times. Its true, they just get better with age. (I'm getting softer with age too, but somehow it isn't viewed as favorably, ha.)

Now listen people, I am fickle. I too used to get sucked in by thread counts, egyptian cotton, etc. I've tried them all. I have 2 sets of Frette linens (here are some pillow cases I never opened) that I coveted at the Frette store EVERY time I went to Italy (mine came from HomeGoods on sale, shocked? ha ha). They are P.R.I.C.E.Y. Um, and not worth the sale price I paid for them. NO OTHER LINENS COMPARE.

But these? Worth. Every. Penny. And these days, they won't cost you as many pennies. The reason?
Bad news- I heard from the owner of P.D's (when I asked why she had such a low volume in her stock) that they were bought out by a large corporation and she feared the 'new' Charisma wouldn't be quite the same, not as quality, etc. In short, her buyer told her she couldn't get it anymore. Boo.
Good news- This big overstock in my 'secret' linen chest is because lately I have found the linens at Tuesday Morning and yes, Homegoods. For LOTS less. Good stuff.

Let me know if you find some and tell me if you love them too!

-If you are out and about at any of my usual haunts (TJ, HG, TM, Marshalls)....see if you can find a set. You know when I find something good I shout it from the rooftop!
- Here is the official Charisma site, worth a look just to see yummy Gabriel Aubry, ha ha!
-Here are some of the linens on sale, they might actually be the 'old' Charisma
-Here are some Charisma linens on ebay, where I scored some pieces to complete a set and are most definitely the 'old' Charisma. LOVE!
-They still sell some here, but I'm not exactly sure if they are the 'old' Charisma or the 'new' Charisma- The Company Store

K says "See ya later folks! Happy Wednesday!"

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  1. I recently found the Charisma sheets at Costco for a very reasonable price. I think they are probably made by the new company. They are 400 count Egyptian cotton. Perhaps this is a different thread count than the older ones you have. I washed them and put them on our king sized bed and my husband and I think they are the softest sheets we've ever felt. We absolutely love and we wouldn't have known about them if I didn't read your blog. Thank you!!!!!