Thursday, March 31, 2011

A slice of style....(geode jewelry finds)

After we style our homes in geodes and agate, lets dress up our ears. We might as well wear it too, right?
These little gems are super pretty! But....a little much at $107.95. Love the look but not the price, we can surely do better on the price point.....

How cool are these geode studs? $90 a pair. I love that they are studs because K isn't as likely to pull them out of my ears. However, look at these cool geode slice earrings I found.......

My bestie, Kate and I discovered them in a little bowl at the checkout at Southeastern Salvage here in Nashville. Aren't the colors so pretty? At $4. 88 a pair, you can get every color they have! (I bought a blue pair and a green pair). Super fun and a super good deal.

How about a geode ring from Target for $7.99? Yes, please!

-I've said it before, do NOT spend a lot on trends. This goes for your ears too =)
-$4.88 is much easier to swallow than this pair for $140, though they are certainly beautiful.

FLASHBACK- K and mommy just over a year time flies.
Have a fabulous weekend!