Monday, March 21, 2011

Serve up some order in the bathroom!

Look at the pretty pink vanity tray from Real Simple magazine! Looks to me like they might have taken a pretty picture frame, put some punchy pink scrapbook paper inside, and viola! Cheap AND chic!

Mine is a bit more 'eclectic', ha ha. I just used a serving tray I found in the pantry, and a cute little $8 bowl from Anthropologie. I have lots of random trays in my house and they 'travel' to different spots all the time. I'm a little coo-coo and rearrange ALL. THE. TIME. Even K pushes furniture around on the hardwood floors and my husband swears she gets it from watching me. Ha!

I have one from West Elm in my closet on the vanity for all my perfume too (another addiction, though my fav is still the same one from 7th GRADE! Sung by Alfred Sung- its a whopping $19.99 at Marshalls) I guess some things never change.....

Sorry for the terrible lighting, of course the under mount bulb went out right as I went to snap the pic. Ugh.

Do you use a vanity tray? What do you display?

-A framed mirror can make a great readymade vanity tray. Like this one hanging in my hallway....
-You can find tons of random trays at HomeGoods and TJMaxx (you know I know, ha ha)
-Make one out of a picture frame and scrapbook paper like the one from Real Simple
-West Elm and PotteryBarn have great trays too, look for them on sale!

Sorry for the short post today.....K and I are feeling under the weather....the poor baby fell asleep in her pack 'n play in our bathroom watching Elmo, she NEVER does that...I think I need to lie down for a nap myself......