Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rolling toy tubs...DIY!

The other day I found two white party tubs originally from Potterybarn on Craigslist for $10 for the pair. St. John (the hubs) went and got them for me. I knew there had to be something I could do with these besides what they were intended for..... Afterall, we have lots of aluminum party tubs already. I liked the size (they are pretty small) and the wooden handles.

I have a little one year old (if you are just now reading my blog and haven't seen the pics of little K). She has lots of toys as most kids do.

I am always looking for creative ways to store her toys, as we usually have some in every room (I know, I know...ugh). Soooo......

I, and by that I mean my dad (while I watched K run around the house), just used Gorilla glue and glued 3 wheels (from Home Depot) on the bottom of the tub. Then I applied the K and the bees.


Here is the front

Here is the back

The entire project was $20....and I still have enough materials for one more toy tub...stay tuned!!

-You don't have to buy a traditional "toybox".....ANYTHING can be a toybox!
-The party tubs were from craigslist, but you can buy inexpensive tubs at lots of random places. -My mom bought 2 FUN bright turquoise party tubs at Tuesday Morning for $14.99 each.
-I bought the 'K' vinyl decal at Hobby Lobby (they had lime green and hot pink)
-I ordered the set of three small bees decals from Holly on etsy
-The metal wheels are from Home Depot. They are glued with Gorilla glue because it affixes metal to metal.

K was very busy cleaning house while I applied her decals on her new toy tub


  1. love rolling toy tubs! i use the wooden crates with wheels a lot too =)

  2. Holly- me too! I am on the hunt for a good wooden crates for that very purpose!

  3. What a great idea!! I have a one year old and the toys seem to take over the house more and more!!!


  4. My son is the same! Loves mamas broom!

    Your daughter is precious!


  5. I've just come across your blog and love it! I have used generic tubs before and initialed or mod podged them with paper....both used in my daughter's room. Target has very reasonably priced tubs right now and I was on my way to purchase so that I could "decorate" and use them on our porch and the play room. You just can't go wrong! Thanks for the post and well done :). You have a new follower!

  6. Loved this idea!! I featured it today on the blog. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, James is obsessed with my broom too. I just bought him a mini one for kids and he wouldn't let go of it all night!

  8. What a great idea! My son is constantly going between tubs for bathtime and this would be so helpful! No more carrying the toys in my arms and getting wet with cold leftover water!

    Good job!


  9. What a genius idea - absolutely love it!!!