Thursday, March 31, 2011

PD's in Franklin....Home Decor Heaven!

I talk a lot about PD's (it stands for Premier Discounters, but you'll never hear a local call it that) in my posts as I am OBSESSED with this place. I discovered it the year I turned 21 (I am now mid thirties) and I am still as in love with it as I was many years ago. Let me give you a sampling of what you will see when you enter this little warehouse next to the railroad tracks in Franklin, Tennessee. There's no sign, no advertising....all word of cool is that? *warning* it is a little piece of heaven on earth, and a design/decor lovers dream (especially those of us on a budget)....

I sooooo wanted to take this tailored nailhead trim sofa home with me....

The chairs on this table went to my mom and dad's new house....

Can you see why I LOVE this place so much???

Example: These x-back dining side chairs are $69 at PDs compared to the Madeleine chair look a like at Restoration Hardware for $139, of course I scored mine on special at Southeastern Salvage for $16 (look here)!

-Everything is SO REASONABLY PRICED (think Homegoods clearance aisle pricing) and style to boot!!
-Their inventory changes every week so I try to show up every Wed when they open (Wed-Sat 10-5pm only) for the best picks.
-They have these HUGE trucks outside with inventory replenishment so if you see something you want but someone has claimed it, or if you need two, you can ask and they know if there is another one available outside on the truck.
-Sherri Porter, the owner, is SUPER nice and FUN to talk to as well....if you know me at all, you know I am a chatterbox great conversation ensues as well.
-If you are in the'll kick yourself if you don't stop in.....
- I scored the coolest moose head for $39.99 to come soon when he has his home on the wall- stay tuned!

I scored this little candle and stand yesterday for less than $15!

119 South Margin Street Franklin, TN 37064


  1. I wish there are stores like that in Chicagoland-stylish home furnishings at a bargain price! Just by looking at the pictures above, I already have a few favorites, like the nailhead trim sofa and those x- back dining chairs. Love this store!

    Can't wait to see the moose head you bought and where you are going put it. It must be a cool piece!

    Jessie from

  2. I have just come aross your delightful blog - I can't wait to see more and will be stopping by regularly!

    Sar xx

  3. I love the peek you gave us of this store. I also LOVE the floors in there! That sofa is beautiful. If I ever get to Tennessee I'll have to stop by.

  4. Yes I can tottaly see why you love this place so much!! I feel exactly the same!


  5. Oh, wow. I live in Louisville & am from Nashville (moving back home soon) so MUST check this out. Thank you! Funny (and a little weird), I've been pondering posts on ikat, poufs and even blabla.

  6. I LOVE this store! We were just there last weekend... I told Matt I was ready to pack up & move to Franklin! Very Norman Rockwell.
    Love your blog! <3

  7. Okay so I'm a new reader of your blog, and when I saw this post I had to comment! I was at home goods a couple weeks ago and spotted that side table! I was going back and fourth about getting it, I thought I will take a picture of it and think about it at home... Well of course I decided I wanted it once I went home and a few days later made it back to homegoods to get the table. Sadlyit was gone:( I'm having such sad feelings that I didn't get it! I'm so glad to see it sitting pretty in your house. I'm going to keep looking there to see if they get another one..fingers crossed! It seems like you are a pro shopper at homegoods...have you ever seen a repeat piece of furniture in the store? I'm crossing my fingers I will come across one like it again. (: love your blog!!

  8. @ The Collins- It just makes you sick when you don't get it and have regrets, doesn't it? It has happened to us all my friend! I have learned now to just buy it, you can always return it!! I HAVE seen repeats not only at the same store, but also at their sister stores. For instance, if you saw it at Homegoods originally, you might see the same table at Marshalls or TJ Maxx...keep stalking! And yes, I LOVE that sidetable, and wish I had a second one!! So I stalk for it too =) Good luck and THANK YOU FOR READING!!! xoxo Shel

  9. Thanks for the response! I will definitely be stalking it!!! I'm actually going to homegoods and TJ Maxx today to look(: oh and love your name(:....I'm shelly too(: thanks again!

  10. @Shelly- So nice to 'meet' another Shel! Keep me posted on your search!! I'd LOOOOVE to hear if you bought one! xoxo

  11. Oh my'll never believe it! I found two of them! One in white and one in the light brown, like yours!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I wAlked into the stire and saw it! I'm so giddy and excited. I got both and deciding which one I like. You should go look again, it seems they sent out a new shipment of these tables to homegoods, cause I had my mom look at her homegoods and they had one!! My lucky day! I have been thinking about that table for the past month wishing I had it, and now my search is over! Thanks so much... You were good luck to me I think(:

  12. WHAAAT????? OMG that is awesome. I am SO JEALY!! Now you got me callin my mom to be on the lookout at HER HG. Where do you live? Maybe I'll drive there and get me one, lol. I'm soooo happy for you! That seems to NEVER happen!! Email me pics!!!
    xoxo Shel

  13. I have never heard of PD's and I've live about 20 minutes away from Franklin my whole life! I am GOING TO HAVE TO get out looks fabulous! Thanks for the's nice to find a nearby blogger! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog...maybe we'll get to meet one day!

  14. I'm so glad to see it sitting pretty in your house. That sofa is beautiful...Your work is very good and I appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing your insights! I feel exactly the same!

  15. That store looks awesome! If anyone knows of a place like that in Houston area, let me know. I'm new here and would love to find a place like that! Love you blog too! Thanks for the ideas. I'm slowly working on our master bedroom, fun!

  16. so how much was that sofa?

  17. I'm BRAND new to Franklin and the week I got here my realtor took me to PD's! I'm totally obsessed! I go there every week! it's my Wednesday Morning Usual!