Monday, March 7, 2011

Party *almost* Perfection!

Oh, how I LOVE to plan a party. I love ALL THE DETAILS. I love thinking of a color scheme. I love thinking of a theme. I love finding little things that go perfectly with both.
My sweet baby turned ONE on February 5th. Since we are new to Nashville, we decided it was a good excuse to have people over. Some new friends and some old. It was a great afternoon that turned into evening. I still cannot believe it has been a year. Just where DID the time go?
Even though I started planning this party and ordering custom items off of etsy in early January, I still forgot some things. That bugs me. I forgot to put the topper on the cake. It sat beside the cake all night. Oops. I also forgot to put the mini cake in the cakestand. It sat in the fridge all night so when it came time for K to bite into it, it was pretty cold and hard. Oops. I ordered this ADORABLE party hat that matched K's dress but forgot to put it on her. It hung on the back of her bedroom door all night. Oops.

The upside? K was happy, and we had a great celebration. My baby is now a toddler. And she's happy and smiles and laughs. Thank you God!
The poms are from Pom Love on etsy (they came with instructions)
The hubs put them together...he has more patience than me, lol
Here is one of Kendall's party invites. This is the more 'adult' invite, ha ha. I got them at Minted. Have you ever been to their site? Gorgeous stuff. The paper they use is like butta. Love it! (sorry for the bad pic, it was off of my iphone)
Here is the other invite that went out for the party. We had a mix of people at the party, some guests with children, and some with no children, so we had a mix of invites. This one was a little more kid friendly. (NOTESbyRedLetter- her stuff is top notch and sooo cute!)
I'm a sucker for personalized napkins. I made them just generic enough to be able to use them for a future birthday party for Kendall but just personal enough to be fun!
Here is a sampling of the cupcakes! They were a mix of Puffy Muffin and Publix Bakery. The pinwheel toppers are from gigglesapu, the penguin toppers and cupcake wrappers from PartyTreats (both etsy) and the black and white candles from The Party Poodle on ebay.
Here is the main cake topper (that never actually made it onto the cake). Isn't she sweet? The balloons and the number are removable so that we can use her again in the future. You just order the new balloon colors and number color and pop them right on her. 
Maybe next year she will actually make it onto the cake, ha! She is from MilkTea
Here is the birthday cake (with the cake topper NEXT to it, ugh!) and table spread. It came from Puffy Muffin here in Nashville and it was YUMMO! Even the fondant tasted like marshmallow. The large glass jars were borrowed from my bathroom decor (HomeGoods) and they were filled with ornaments that I got at Michaels, 90% off. The lime green beads were tree garland from the Christmas clearance too. The green silverware buckets were from the $1 bin at you guessed it...Michaels.
Here is Kendall's mini cake topper and penguin friends. How cute are they?
Party favors: fun lime green striped socks for kiddos and yummy lime green and silver tubes of 'vanilla frosting' scented body lotion, bubble bath, and shower gels. Both from Michaels. The bath products were in the clearance bin for $.88. The socks were in the dollar bin!
 I just put them in cellophane bags with cute ribbon. 

Gift tags are so much more fun when they are personalized!
(and you can use the leftover cards for future gift giving)

-You don't need to buy a 'party in a box', use your own creativity!
-With sites like, if you can dream it, someone can make it.
-If they don't show the item in the color you want, convo them and ask, they can usually accommodate you.
-Invest in things that you can use for a future party. With my party base colors black and white, I can interchange the lime green from this year for a different color next year.....
-Sometimes I look at the clearance bin to see what is available and draw my color or theme inspiration from there....whatever works, right? It helps the budget too!
-BIG cakes are expensive, get a smaller cake and add cupcakes to help with the number of guests you are feeding.
-Be creative with food options. We did Chic-fil-a and it was a big hit!
-Plan activities for kids. We had penguin coloring books, and animal puppets and masks for the children to decorate. It also helped that we had 2 sweet 16 year old babysitters to corral the kids in the bonus room upstairs.
-Consider hiring a photographer or designate a friend to take pictures so that the pressure is not on YOU!
-Last but not least, wine and beer for the adults never hurts. 
* All photos by Laurie Carpenter Photography


  1. Very the black and green!

    Such great tips. I remember back when I was putting together my kids parties, Walmart and party stores were the best you could do. Now you can do all the DIY stuff, have things monogrammed and have some originality. Very nice.

  2. Your daughters party was amazing! Very creative and love all the details.

  3. Thanks girls! I am a children's party rookie so it was quite and undertaking for me (with my little one in tow) but I think I am pretty pleased =) Gotta love the mishaps though.....ha ha. Thanks for reading!

  4. Oh my gosh! First, I must say that Kendall is ADORABLE!! My son is just one month younger- March 5! The party looks phenomenal! Love what you did!!

  5. Megan,
    Thank you =) I am new to blogging and yours was one of the very first I read and I am hooked, ha ha. I thought the same thing when I saw your baby close in age! He is a doll baby! I think you and I have some similar loves in design as well... I posted on my office redo this week and I tried to do my post like you would do it, ha ha! Thanks for the blog mentorship! And thanks for looking =) Shelli

  6. Loving your dining room and the party details! Just got back from visiting my sister in Nashville. I think your K needs to meet her little Graham!

  7. PIP- where does your sister live? we are in brentwood! K could use some friends (and me too for that matter, ha ha)

  8. She lives in Cherokee Park. I actually have another friend from college who just moved to Brentwood and has a little girl who's two so y'all must meet as well. I'll just organize a little playgroup.
    I'm no stranger to set ups.
    No really.

  9. That was such a beautiful party decor! Love the gorgeous details and the color combo! You did a great job pulling eveything together perfectly!

    I will be following your awesome blog! Keep those wonderful ideas coming.

    Jessie from

  10. Love it all! I'm doing those flower balls at a shower I'm hosting next weekend, I hope they look as great as yours!! Love your color choices!

  11. I love this color combination. Great party!

    Warmly, Michelle

  12. Such a fun and pretty party -- thanks for sharing it!!!

    but hello...
    a) I lived in BNA for 10 years!
    b) I just drooled remembering the Puffy Muffin!!!

  13. What a beautiful party! Love the color scheme and all the fantastic details!

    I'm your newest follower, I would love for you to stop by sometime!

    Warm Wishes,

  14. I LOVE everything about your party! You did an amazing job. And Kendall is absolutely adorable. Where did you purchase the pom poms that were hanging from the ceiling?