Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Imaginary Nursery- one day shop!

This gorgeous nursery is for a little girl named Violet. Didn't her mommy do a FABULOUS job? I love the colors and the mix of classic and modern. It is just beautiful! Look at the imperial trellis fabric in that perfect shade that makes me want to eat sorbet. She hand painted the tree and used fabric for the leaves to give it perfect texture. Check out Lauren's blog at http://withtwocats.com. Her blog is super fun! Great job Lauren!

I am constantly decorating spaces in an imaginary home. This is because of a few reasons:
1. I am constantly on the hunt when I shop. I don't even call it bargain shopping anymore because that is all I do, so to me, it's just shopping.
2. I only have one house and so many rooms, therefore, I imagine homes I am decorating....'oh this is for my mountain house, my beach house, my country cottage, my urban loft...you get the idea.
3. I also have different tastes, I love it all, I like to decorate vintage, shabby chic, modern, blah blah, and because of this, my home is very eclectic and I have fun really making sure that it all comes together. In my 30's I think I am finally figuring out who I really am when it comes to my personal style.

One of my favorite 'imaginary' rooms to design are nurseries. I mean, hello, who DOESN'T love a sweet nursery? Well, last Tuesday, while shopping with my bestie, Kate (and little K in tow), we could have designed the perfect nursery on a TINY budget. Wanna see what we found? I thought you might....

I think every room should have a 'special' piece. Something vintage or unexpected, and I think this could be it! I found this at an Antique mall that Kate and I LOVE (and it is big so we can put K in a stroller and not have to transfer her in and out of the car so much). This vintage rocking horse was $100 and I think he is worth every penny.

Look at these cool vintage grain bins! I've been seeing all of these cool vintage crates on Serenaandlily.com and I think these are so much cooler! First of all, the color is already awesome and they would be great on large low shelving for baby storage or you could put wheels on them for rolling storage like S&L did. They were DEF a spluge at $80 a bin, but I'll wait for the booth to go 20-30% off. They always do. =)

I'm in love with these lamps (there were 2, sold as a set for $120). They are tall, vintage, and already have a cool shade. I wanted them for my living room, but it just wasn't in the budget this month (maybe I'll go back next month, ha ha). In my imaginary nursery, I think a clean modern white dresser would be a juxtaposition to these vintage more feminine lamps. Now, moving on to HomeGoods.......

How cool is this dresser??? It has a secret! When you open the drawers, behind the peep circles are little slots like picture frames so you can change out what you want to show on the front of the drawer! The possibilites are ENDLESS..... obviously you could use fun paper like they did in you color scheme, textured paper (grasscloth, etc), copies of old vintage baby pictures of you and your husband....whatever your mind can muster! The price tag at HomeGoods? $299. I. Wanted. It. But....I have one baby and one nursery......and I want it to stay that way for a little while! ha!

So, we found this pretty rug in a pretty shade of blue. I, personally, am a big fan of blue for a girls room, but obviously it could be for a boy too! Pretty rug, right? Well, what about the price tag---THIRTY DOLLARS????? um, YES PLEASE! We found it under layers and layers of really ugly rugs (ha) at Southeastern Salvage, one of my favorite haunts here in Nashville. That place is like my crack. And right next door is another fav stalk spot....Essex Retail Outlet.....

It's a Serena and Lily crib bumper...in a perfect shade of nursery basics chambray..... it is gorgeous and it retails for $115....but this girl got it for just under $50! Nice, huh? And yes, I'll admit, I bought it....you never know what the next couple years could bring....or even for a friend!

Now for some online touches.....I like this modern crib from Baby Mod. Who knew Walmart had low prices AND high style....its $281! Maybe mix this crib with a vintage dresser that you painted white from craigslist?

If you are really eclectic like Lauren (and me), you might also mix a classic Jenny Lind crib, I think the white keeps is cohesive and interesting with the other pieces. You can get one at Walmart for $149! It would look really cool with that modern dresser from homegoods.

-Finds are everywhere, you just have to look! You will find cool stuff at the most unexpected places. Do you pass a junk store? Goodwill store? Antique mall? GO IN!
-Don't be afraid to mix it up. Don't go matchy matchy, its boring and uninteresting. Take a risk!
-check big box stores for large style items that you never thought they might carry...Sears, JCPenney, Kmart, Target... especially online!

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